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Why Your Replacement Car Key Is Not Working?

why your replacement car key is not working

It’s frustrating when your replacement car key doesn’t work, so we recommend you call a car locksmith in Miami to ease this lousy situation. But first, get familiar with why your car key isn’t working anymore.

The reasons you have a non-working car key replacement can be many. With many types of vehicles and vehicle keys, the issue could be anything! Instead of wasting valuable time and effort in finding the specific reason, let’s look at everything in one place. Don’t worry; cheap car key replacement services can make you a key quickly!

But before reading our helpful guide for investigating why your replacement car key may not work.

Let’s start by looking at the kinds of car keys issues first.

Damaged Lock

If your vehicle key isn’t working when you try to open your vehicle, the lock itself can be damaged. Thanks to the key fobs and keyless entry remotes, you probably won’t deal with this when you drive a modern vehicle. But, if you have an older model vehicle, your vehicle key won’t work when the lock is faulty or worn out.

There are other ways that car door locks can get damaged. Because these locks are outside the vehicle, you must understand how the elements and external forces affect the door locks. Often, the lock accumulates dirt and debris when you don’t frequently clean them. Or the lock may jam or get damaged because of a car accident.

The Replacement Car Key is Damaged

replacement car key is damaged

A top reason your replacement car key doesn’t work is that you damaged the vehicle key. When car owners think of damaged keys, they imagine a broken key or multiple pieces. But this is incorrect since a damaged key doesn’t need to be broken into multiple pieces. If you inspect your door lock, you will understand how they function. The key groves correspond to the interior mechanism of the lock or the starter.

Keys are physical metal parts, meaning all these components prone to bend or wear and tear after some time. Many people rarely pay close attention to their locks and keys to know the impact that a lot of use has on them. Combined with a lack of support, it increases the likelihood of the key blade being damaged. If the grooves on the keys get altered, the key will no longer work with the lock’s internal mechanism.

Dead Key Fob Batteries

Other times your vehicle keys won’t work because of dead batteries in your car key fob or keyless entry remote. This is a typical issue that has a simple solution. Batteries die after a specific time, so diagnosing this issue is straightforward.

When you notice that your vehicle isn’t responding to the orders and signals sent by your key fob, consider calling a car locksmith to replace your dead batteries.

Internal Damage to Key Fob/Keyless Entry Remote

internal damage to key fob keyless entry remote

The key fob depends on communication between a transmitter and a receiver in the car, so when one of these parts doesn’t work, it means your vehicle key won’t work either. A significant issue with the internal mechanisms of your vehicle is damage to either the receiver or transmitter and the replacement car key will not work.

Often, these components can get damaged and show as frayed wires. Also, external instances can cause internal wiring issues. This could emerge from dropping your vehicle key and knocking around the inside parts of your key fob to getting your car keys wet and frying them.

The Car Key needs Programming

Remember, even metal keys need pairing to vehicles. Innovative advancements in the car key business have changed how we see this pairing in modern vehicles. Today’s key pairing adds a layer of security that keeps vehicles more secure than before. They do it using transmitters, which manufacturers set up to upgrade how vehicle keys and vehicles interact, simultaneously making vehicle security more difficult to bypass.

Traditional keys don’t have a programming problem like modern car keys; you will need to deal with it before it causes a car lockout. When your vehicle key doesn’t work with your vehicle, maybe the expert didn’t program the key to work with your vehicle.

This situation happens often to individuals who replace their vehicle key remotes or gain copy vehicle keys. They forget that the transponder key and the key fob need pairing to work or communicate with the vehicle. If you don’t program the car keys, the best thing you can do with a key is to open your car doors and your trunk.

Conclusion to Why the Replacement Car Key Not Working

replacement car key in miami

Now, you know why your car keys malfunction, but what’s the solution?

If you encounter any of the above situations and can’t handle them, consider calling an auto locksmith. Locksmiths can also fix damaged locks and make spares even with a broken key; a reliable auto locksmith service will ensure you have a functioning replacement car key again.

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