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Why Use a High Security Door Locks For Your Home Protection?

why use a high security door locks for your home protection

Among the alternatives for improving home security, the recommendation is high security door locks, but many households install alarm systems or get a big dog. However, the best locksmiths near Miami argue that the first line of defense is typically a sturdy deadbolt lock on your door.

Did you know the lock you install on your entryway can improve your home security? Even though installing alarm systems and big dogs are good ways to enhance home security, locksmiths in Brickell suggest that a deadbolt lock is the main deterrent you should add to your home and business.

So, let’s find out why are deadbolts so recommended for security.

High-Quality Deadbolt Locks offer more Protection

high security deadbolt locks offer more protection

A deadbolt lock has a hardened steel bolt that extends into the doorjamb and the strike plate in the doorjamb to lock. Many break-ins involve forced entry techniques like kicking and crowbar attacks, and having high-security door locks can lower your odds of becoming a victim.

For the deadbolt to work correctly, the steel bolt must extend fully into the socket on the doorjamb. In addition, the socket or hole must be reinforced with a metal strike plate. Failure to do this leaves the lock and door frame vulnerable to forced entry techniques.

When a burglar kicks a door down, typically, the doorframe breaks first–instead of the entryway. Therefore, use 3-inch screws to secure the strike plate into the studs of your doorframe and not the jamb.

Consider reinforcing the screw holes in the strike plate to ensure you don’t drive the screws into the exact wood grain.

High-Security Door Locks are Tested and Approved by Independent Sources

Sturdy deadbolt locks must pass the ANSI Grade 1 and UL 437 tests. ANSI, or American National Standards Institute, is a non-profit organization that oversees the progression of standardized structures for many industries, including locksmith. To categorize a deadbolt as a commercial-grade item, it needs to adhere to the ANSI Grade 1 specifications below:

  • Have a bolt that projects 1-inch into the door frame
  • Tested to 250,000 open/close cycles
  • It can withstand ten hammer hits without falling apart.

The UL 437 test is a notable organization that includes writing standards and testing products. The UL 437 is the accepted standard for high-security locks across the industry. This test demands that the lock resist attacks, including picking, prying, drilling, etc.

Deadbolt Locks have Many Options

deadbolt locks many options

Many kinds of deadbolts exist. However, the most popular one is the single-cylinder deadbolt with a twist knob inside to open and close, and it needs a key on the exterior.

A double deadbolt offers greater security and requires a unique key to open/close the deadbolt from inside and outside the entryway. I suggest these deadbolts for doors with glass or windows, as they remove the danger of an intruder breaking the glass to reach inside for the thumb turn.

However, for safety, use single-cylinder deadbolts in every other case. Since you need a key to open a double-cylinder deadbolt, not having a key can prevent you from escaping in case of an emergency.

Another factor to consider when picking the right deadbolt lock to install is the quality of the glass. Usually, the single-pane glass used indoors was straightforward to break, representing a greater risk for single-cylinder deadbolts. Yet, most new entryways bring sturdy glass.

High Security Door Locks are Difficult to Pick

A few types of locks, similar to tumbler locks, are straightforward to pick using a couple of simple tools. However, tumbler locks are less dependable than deadbolt locks regarding protecting valuables and keeping your family safe. Deadbolt locks with long, hardened steel bolts are difficult to pick.

When you secure the lock correctly, with the bolt fully extended into the doorjamb hole with a metal strike place, it becomes difficult for an average criminal to break in through that entryway. Use high-security double-cylinder deadbolt locks on entrances with glass or adjacent windows for added Protection.



Remember that the right deadbolt lock can keep your family and valuables safe. While they offer conveniences that regular locks can’t give, they also need a license and skilled locksmith to install them.

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