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Why is your Door Lock not Working Correctly?

why is your business or residential door lock not working correctly?

Although makers make locks sturdy, a door lock not working can have significant security problems. Damage or malfunctioning operation may be caused by careless installations, poor locks, defective items, attempted break-ins, weather conditions, etc.

You must immediately act if the house door lock is damaged or malfunctioning. But first, you must contact a qualified locksmith who can change or fix the broken mechanism. Although a door lock issue may occasionally appear insignificant or a minor annoyance, it represents a vulnerability in your property’s security because it does not get better with time.

We’ll examine various door lock issues that need assistance from a professional locksmith service.


The Door Lock Not Working Because it is Stuck With a Broken Key

how to remove a broken key stuck in a lock

Homeowners who have broken a key while turning a lock know the inconvenience this problem may bring.  You cannot use the door but need a new replacement key.  

To solve this problem, a locksmith will likely need to visit your home to take out the key.  If it’s a lock issue, a locksmith must replace the entire lock and make a new key.  While this problem is annoying, consider resolving it immediately to keep your house secure.

Read, How To Remove a Broken Key Stuck in a Lock if you want to remove the stuck key.

A Jammed Door Lock Issue


A door lock can become stuck either as a result of a buildup of dirt and debris or as a result of a broken door latch or jam. The locksmith will resolve the issue when they figure out the origin of the door jam.  

You can quickly rectify the problem by thoroughly cleaning the door jamb, but it can also call for a complete replacement if the lock’s mechanism has been damaged.  If left undone, your home’s security is vulnerable to burglary, and your door might sustain further damage. 


Locks are not Aligned with the Door


A misaligned lock is a significant reason why a door won’t lock. Unfortunately, a door lock’s bolt does not easily fit into the latch connected to the door frame under these circumstances. The lock is thus ineffective.

While misaligned locks are frequently evident to homeowners, professional repair is required. A professional can identify any underlying problems, such as poor installation, that may have contributed to the problem.


Loose Locks can Cause Home Lockout Issues


Door locks are not indestructible. Locking mechanisms can loosen up with time since several moving parts move every time a client uses a key. When homeowners use an old key to turn the lock, you can hear and feel the components shifting loosely.


Burglars might access your home more quickly if the locks are loose. You can resolve the problem by calling a locksmith to tighten the screws that hold the door lock cylinder.


A Turning Lock Cylinder can Leave you Vulnerable to Burglary


You should lock or unlock your door by inserting your key into the door lock cylinder and turning it. Yet, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder spins, you have a more significant issue. It is the easiest to identify the door lock issues, albeit not necessarily the simplest to fix.


When the lock cylinder turns, a broken or loose set screw will likely be the cause. A lock cylinder issue is risky since it limits when and how to lock and open your door. It may leave you trapped outside your house or business, unable to get inside. Moreover, it could prevent you from locking the doors, making it possible for intruders to enter at any moment.


Final Thoughts on your Door Locks Not Working Correctly


Door lock issues might be troublesome, but locksmiths can resolve them quickly and effectively. A handyman homeowner may resolve some door lock issues, but if you want assistance, hire a reputable Miami, FL, locksmith. Please do so to avoid more lock damage and to correct the problem effectively.

One thought on “Why is your Door Lock not Working Correctly?

  1. Thanks for pointing out that the usual reason why a door won’t lock is when it is misaligned wherein the bolt does not fit into the latch. I wonder if that is the problem with the door in our basement and I hope to hire in lock system repair service tomorrow to get that checked. Because we need that area closed at all times to keep our kids safe from going down there, since there are products and items there that can be theories for them if they become curious about them.

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