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Why Change Your Door Locks?

why change your door locks

If you change your door locks frequently you will have better security and safety in your home.

Locksmith in Allapattah specialists has stated that the secret to home security would be to have layered security. Usually, it means an alarm system, motion sensors, security cameras, fences or walls, and much more. However, your alarm system can secure your home alone as it needs a little help.

A straightforward way to help is in your pocket through key control. Your keys allow you and the people that you select to have access to your home. Homeowners often forget to lock their doors, but this gives criminals easy access to their valuables! Keeping the door closed and securing your door gives you a considerable edge towards security.

But often is inadequate because unlawful entry happens while using a key too! It means there was a chance the homeowner had a mishap. For example, you lost the key, moved to home but forgot to change the locks, and even fought with a spouse. Therefore, consider calling your local Allapattah Locksmith to change the locks when a scenario like this happens.

Things to think about before Changing your Home Locks

change old home door locks
  • Security – first, buy a quality lock that is bump proof, anti-pick, and shim proof. Many high-quality locks have many ways to open and lock. For instance, you can open with key card readers, remotely with a smartphone, biometrics, keyless keypad, and a physical key. Usually, most advanced deadbolts have two ways to open the door. If you forget the code, you can use your key or vice-versa.
  • Safety – before you install your new high-security deadbolt lock, inspect the surroundings of the door. For example, if you’ve got a small breakable window close to the locks, I recommend installing a double cylinder deadbolt. Typically, you could utilize a surface mount deadbolt mount with a rim cylinder. A double cylinder deadbolt works with a key and unlocks both the inside and the outside bolt.
  • Amount – Do you want to obtain many keyed-alike deadbolts? It simplifies usage by letting you work with a single key that controls all of the locks and gets rid of the hassle of having and sharing multiple passkeys.
  • Aesthetics – you should always try to have the lock colors match the finishes of your doorway and hardware. Attempt to match all of your door hardware – hinges, saddles, and décor to your current door. Yes, it is critical to get security, but equally important is to get eye-catching door locks.

Change Door Locks When you Move to a New Place

Whether you bought your first home or moving into a brand new apartment, moving is an excellent time to replace the locks. If you rent an apartment, please make sure your locks get changed the moment the tenants have moved outside.

The only ones who should have a key are your landlord and yourself. Buying a newly built home is different but if someone lived there before, change the locks too, as we don’t want someone to come back and burglarize your house.

Change your Door Locks when you Break up with the Spouse

change door locks when you break up with the spouse

Breakups are tricky, especially if that person you left has anger issues. Often, people break up mutually but not necessarily all the time. If your sure is over, make sure that you modify your locks. It doesn’t matter if it’s an end of a relationship or a lousy divorce. It is a better idea to make sure your house remains protected while everybody cools off.

And remember, it applies to roommates and friends. Do not allow mad people to vandalize your home or, worst, steal your hard-earned belongings.

Replace your Door Locks when your Missing Keys

It is the most common and understandably mishap; if you lose your keys, you’ll need to replace your locks. Do not let time pass or expect you will have time to find them as it’s not worthwhile.

You do not want strangers to locate your keys and come back from work to see that they took everything. As an additional security measure, make sure that you do not keep your house address in the keyring or keys.

Replace Old Worn Locks

replace old worn locks

Wear and tear will affect your lock, and you’re going to discover that it might become challenging to lock and unlock your door with the key over time. For security and convenience, make sure you replace the keys or get copies as worn keys speed up the wear of locks.

Do not leave your “old” lock as they’re more vulnerable to tampering. An older lock still can protect you but might be easier to pick. Issues like rust and wear are excellent hints that you need to replace your locks.

2 thoughts on “Why Change Your Door Locks?

  1. I like your idea of installing a double cylinder deadbolt if you’ve got a window next to the door. My husband and I decided to change our locks on our house for security. We’ll have to make sure we get a locksmith out to check it out.

  2. It was helpful when you mentioned that you should change locks if you move to a new place. My sister recently moved to a new home. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can look into hiring a locksmith to change her locks.

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