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Where Should You Look For Locksmith Services

Due diligence with magnifying glass

When I ask this question, most of you would probably think search engines. However, the reality is that search engines rank websites on SEO and not the quality of work a locksmith in Miami might do.

Learning how to look for service provider whether a locksmith Tampa or any other service is a must for the end of 2017 and the New Year coming up.

So should you trust search results for locksmiths?

search results for locksmiths

Well, it’s not that simple, there are some genuine lockout experts on the first page of search engines. However, to give you the lowdown we have dug deeper than ever before. As a service provider, you are skilled at car lockout emergencies, but you are not showing up on the search engines for this word or others related to this service. Only other companies that might not be good at these skills but hey they get the calls cause of rank or paid ads. So to you the consumer are you getting the best available service company all the time? The answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no!

Google is coming out hard against fake, unlicensed businesses!

google maps street view
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The new process might sound great at first, but there is also a problem involved in the process. Google is using Pinkerton as a risk management company. Now I heard some good and bad things about their new method. Let’s start with the good.

Unlicensed and locksmiths that are not following guidelines will not be able to advertise on Google AdWords and not eligible for the new service called “Google Guaranteed.” On the surface, it sounds great.

However, they will not divulge their terms to make sure you are doing everything right. That can affect a locksmith that might be licensed but are not very good at online marketing to make sure they do not make a mistake.

Also, what about if you use a marketing company not using the correct techniques to help you pass? I heard a lot of legitimate businesses are going out of business already. It is early in the process, but we will see more of Google Guaranteed in the next year.

What should you do with service providers in general such as carpet, tile, or any other service?

yelp image
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We used to say trust the reviews they get on Yelp, YP, and some may say even sites like Home Advisor. There is a problem with review sites that most service providers already know; if you are not paying them, they might not take fraudulent reviews off. Here on the link for yelp is a report on the subject in more detail of the practices of these review sites.

Do real research

  • Don’t just go with the first results, look a little further down.
  • Look at three locksmiths that are local.
  • Look at their reviews and make sure they are not paying for review ads!
  • Call them and ask for a quote, if they do not give you a quote call someone else.
  • Make sure they are licensed and insured, ask them to show you that when they show up.
  • Their logo should be in their van.

These are some of the new things I recommend here at Caraballo liberty.

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  1. First and most important thing in choosing a best locksmith service is to check the background of locksmith service providers and then allow them to enter into your home. Ask each of the potential candidates for references. It’s best to get both professional and personal references. A well mannered and honest locksmith service provider always provides you all the information that you required from them. Also, don’t be afraid to interview the locksmith, asking about the experience that the company offers. It’s possible to get good prices from someone who is new in the field, but doing so can compromise the integrity of your home’s security.

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