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What You Should Know About Cam Locks

what you should know about cam locks

Today, you may be using cam locks installed by a professional Miami Locksmith to keep your assets secure. These small round locks are utilized to verify everything from drawers, cupboards, and, gym locks right to high-security showcases. As you now know, cam locks add security to a wide range of applications.

These locks can be installed by expert locksmiths in Miami, FL to offer high security in various areas including, offices, home, and even the car. Could your property profit by the addition of a couple of cam locks? Do you need to protect something essential? Read below to find out the types of cam locks, and the numerous applications.

Types of Cam Locks

types of cam locks
  • Flat Key Disk Tumbler-Usually, the most affordable type of cam lock offering medium security. The key is embedded and lines up with discs to permit rotation.
  • Cylindrical Style-Also, known as round key or ace lock. You insert a round key in matching pins internally that allows rotation. These locks offer superior security over the flat key disk cam lock but at the same time at an affordable price.
  • European Style-Come with round keys with angle cuts, making it challenging to bypass by lock-picking techniques. Keys can’t get copied inside the United States of America.
  • High-Security Pagoda-It uses a patented framework that is picked proof for high-security. Also, to copy these keys, you’ll need to go to the factory.
  • Keyless Cam Lock-Yes; no keys needed for functioning. You can turn these keyless cam locks by coin slot, thumb turn, and, so on. Their application is more as a latching device than locking.
  • Combination Cam Lock-No reason to look for keys with these combination cam locks as you could set your code. Can arrive in a simple combination lock or have a key override for code discovery and reset.
  • Electronic-Electronic, battery-functioning locks permit entry through an advanced digital password or RFID card. Electronic locks offer more programmable features and choices.
  • Padlockable –Is a cam lock with an interface in the front that enables the user to lock it by using any padlock.

Applications-Home and Office

Windows and Doors-You can fit a cam lock to the handle of a home’s window or garage door to lock it up. It’s ideal to search for a waterproof lock, as they’re more durable and will last longer in outside areas. 

Cupboards-Cupboards and storerooms containing essential things will benefit from the installation of a cam lock. If you possess the property of sentimental or financial worth, keeping those things secure is a justifiable need. Furthermore, maintaining meds, chemicals, and, different dangerous substances out of reach of your kids and even a burglar is exceptionally simple to accomplish with cam locks.

Drawers-Your work area drawers probably contain sensitive data and personal information that remains critical for you to secure. Cam locks are especially prevalent for these reasons, as they’re discreet and can fit onto little surfaces just as significant ones, too.

Letterboxes and Pigeon Holes-When your home or business needs to keep their mail safe installing cam locks will improve their security. Often setting up cam locks will also help secure internal documents passed between employees from falling into an inappropriate hand. Once more, if your letter drop access is situated in an outside area, looking for a waterproof application that will improve its life span.

 Cash Registers-Most often a till or cash register will be verified by a cam lock. Moreover, candy machines and other asset management systems ordinarily use these sort of security equipment as well. Typically, current cam locks are difficult to pick, so it’s easy to see why businesses like these bolts.

Application: Schools, universities, and gyms

school universities and gyms

Schools, universities and exercise centers utilize cam locks because they’re straightforward to affix to compartments like lockers. These cam locks are exceptionally durable when screwed into metal. If the locker or storage container is situated outside or where it gets wet look into waterproof locks

Application: Automobiles

Numerous vehicle owners use cam locks to secure their trailers, fuel caps, caravan entryways, roof boxes, and, glove compartments. There are many durable models accessible that straightforwardly fit the criteria required for the job.

If you think that your home, office, and, the car would benefit from a cam lock, then call your nearest locksmith in Miami to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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