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What To Look For In A Smart Lock?


Knowing the varieties of smart door locks will allow you to choose which system works best for you. Most locks will support a key choice in case of technical or battery failures which will help you avoid locksmith emergencies. Many of the bolts will give a mix of technology, supplying you with keyless options to unlock the doorway even when you forget the pin code or passkey.

However, sometimes we’re so eager for technology to help us out that we forget the other important question. Can I install it in my home? Well, it depends if you’re a homeowner or a tenant as landlords have their policies. Don’t worry I’ll explain it a little later. Now, Locksmith Miami will help you find out if you can set up your smart lock and teach you about the features that are right for you:

Types of Features

types of features
  • Bluetooth locks permit for multiple locking purposes. For instance, it can sense your presence close by and unlock as you approach the doorway. Also, tapping on your smartphone will automatically open it. However, Bluetooth utilizes power so maintaining battery life remains crucial.
  • For small companies, biometric smart locks will facilitate the control entry into regions that need authorized personnel or have expensive products stored. For example, growing businesses that have strict policies for staff for security reasons such as secret patents or technology base. They’re easy to program and allow for as much as 100 fingerprints to get stored.
  • You’ll observe the RFID process frequently at workplaces like hospitals, hotels, and, even the office. It permits the use of a card or a key fob to unlock doorways. A few could be opened from far, although most require the fob/card to get pressed against the RFID reader.
  • Keypads demand a pin number to unlock the doorway. You could set up pin codes for various people, or modify the pin code at any moment and are not hard to program. Usually, work well for apartments so when I tenant’s lease is up, they could change the pin code into a new one. The best part you don’t need rekeying or to change the locks. Also, some still will possess physical buttons to press, although now the popular choice remains keypads touchscreen.
  • Some locking system could be paired with a smart hub, permitting WIFI connectivity along with added performance. Controlling a WIFI connected lock is easy especially, to monitor data of who’s opening and shutting the door in real time. You could also remotely lock/unlock the doorway from any place in the world which has a wireless and mobile connection.

Home Ownership or Leasing?

I know, and you know as homeowners defending our family and home is top when it comes to necessary upgrades to your home. The truth, what’s the point of having so many things when it’s easy for someone to burglarize and take it from you.

However, if you’re a homeowner or leasing your house, then it will determine to what extent you can protect your family and property. So the very first thing before you start, that you need to understand is whether you’ll need to get permission to set up smart locks.



You don’t have any worries concerning which locks you could install in your doors. No one can tell you no unless it’s the wife lol. Just kidding but no one can’t tell you not to fit your smart locks. The only concern would be which is the right one.

Should You Rent Your Property?

should you rent a property

Before you set up your smart lock, you’ll first need to go through a little hassle. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed but to have patience.

Typically, leasing apartment or home landlords will need you to supply a key or passcode in case of an emergency. However, it’s wise to contact your landlord and ask first.

You may want to have good reasons for wanting to put new locks. If the landlord permits you, then go ahead on the installation. Make sure you have proof as this will guard you against damages once you move out.

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