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What Makes a Commercial Locksmith Standout?

Commercial locksmith Miami

Commercial Locksmith Services

When I think of a commercial locksmith, I automatically think of high-tech security, which varies greatly from the standard type of locks you will typically use in your home. In this article, we’ll talk about the kind of services that a commercial locksmith Miami company offers.

We’ll get started with Master Keys Systems; a Property Manager will find it very important to maintain safety, maintenance, and security. With a Master Key System, you can open any unit in the building. At the same time, everybody else has their own set of keys for their office.

It would help if you always did rekey when buying any property. If you’ve lost your keys, this is an essential service and will be the perfect solution.

Assistance 24/7: Any good commercial locksmith should offer 24-hour support; remember that security is essential for your business at night or day it is.

High-Security Lock Keys

Having a high volume of people coming in with high-security restricted keys allows authorized personnel to control the number of keys created for the system and have a higher level of security than a standard key can provide.

Inspections and fixing should be a priority for any good commercial locksmith. Unfortunately, many owners do not check every building lock, making them vulnerable. A great commercial locksmith will check every lock; This covers both entry and exit locks.

If you happen to have a building where you need your personnel to have quick access in and out of doors, then Electric Strike Installation is a must! How does the electrical door strike work?

Access Control System Installation 


In every business establishment, controlling who accesses a room is very important. Integrated Access System will keep a record of who enters the room and at what time. This step will help you recover this information in case of an incident like an attempted break-in.

Most business owners have a safe, which brings me to my next point. Commercial Locksmiths can help you with your old electric keypad and upgrade the lock mechanism to secure all of the essential documents you keep in your safe.

Many different kinds of doors might be suitable for your business. But suppose you have a type of entry that requires a Door Closer. This mechanical arm automatically closes doors and needs to replace them. In that case, a commercial locksmith can help you with this service. This type of entry, with time, will start to fail and may not open or close at the right speed and eventually wear and tear. Again, a commercial locksmith can help you adjust or replace it if necessary.

Biometric Keypads

This term might sound very tech-savvy, but it means Thumbprint access and can be associated with many locking mechanisms. The advantage, don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

There are many situations where emergencies can occur, and people may panic and need to exit a building which brings me to my next service. Panic and Exit Devices are made for high-use and abuse doors (malls, schools, and hospitals). These devices can be linked to the alarm system and are excellent for a commercial setting.

I have mentioned some essential services that a commercial locksmith can offer. Here’s a list of some others not mentioned above.

  • Mailbox Locks
  • File Cabinets and Desk Locks
  • Duplicate Key Production

Well, I hope know a bit more about what commercial Locksmith offers!

 commercial locksmith services in miami company offers
commercial locksmith services in miami company offers
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