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What is the Cost to Change and Install a New Deadbolt Lock?

Cost to Change and Install a New Deadbolt Lock

If you are thinking of upgrading your home security, you might be wondering what the cost to change and install a new deadbolt lock is. A deadbolt lock can only be opened by turning a key or a knob, not by using a spring or a latch. Deadbolt locks are more resistant to picking, bumping, and forced entry than other locks.


The cost to replace and install deadbolt locks depends on several factors, such as the type of lock, the brand, the quality, the size, the complexity of the installation, and the Miami locksmith company’s labor fees


The Type of Deadbolt Lock is a Top Factor that Affects the Cost

deadbolt lock installed on office door

There are different types of deadbolt locks, such as single-cylinder, double-cylinder, keyless, smart, and biometric. 


  • Single-cylinder deadbolt locks are the most common and affordable ones, and they require a key to unlock from the outside and a knob to open from the inside. 


  • Double-cylinder locks require a key to unlock from both sides, which can provide more security but also pose a safety risk in an emergency. 


  • Keyless locks use a keypad or a touchscreen to enter a code to unlock the door. 


  • Smart locks use wireless technology to connect to your smartphone or other devices and allow you to control and monitor your lock remotely. 


  • Biometric locks use your fingerprint or other biometric features to unlock the door.


The Brand and the Quality of the Lock Also Influence the Cost

deadbolt lock installations

Many brands of deadbolt locks are on the market, such as Schlage, Kwikset, Yale, Medeco, Baldwin, and more. Each brand has different models and features that vary in quality and price. It would be best to look for a lock with a high-security rating, durable construction, smooth operation, and a warranty. Some of the best-rated deadbolt locks are:


  • Schlage B60N: This single-cylinder deadbolt lock has a Grade 1 security rating, the highest rating for residential locks. It has a strong metal body, a hardened steel bolt, and an anti-pick shield. It comes in various finishes and styles to match your door. The hardware costs around $40, and the installation costs around $70.


  • Kwikset 980: This is another single-cylinder deadbolt lock with a Grade 1 security rating. Its patented SmartKey technology allows you to rekey your lock in seconds. It also has a bump-proof design and an anti-drill shield. It comes in different finishes and styles. The hardware costs around $50, and the installation costs around $80.


  • Yale Assure Lock SL: This is a keyless deadbolt lock that has a Grade 2 security rating, which is still very good for residential locks. It has a sleek touchscreen keypad that lets you enter your code or use your smartphone to unlock your door. It also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart home devices. It comes in various finishes and styles, too. It costs around $309 for the hardware and $100 for the installation.


  • August Smart Lock Pro: This smart deadbolt lock has a Grade 2 security rating. Its simple design attaches to your existing deadbolt lock and lets you control it with your smartphone or voice commands. It also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other smart home devices. It comes in silver or dark gray. The hardware costs around $229, and the installation costs around $150.


Remember, you can buy the lock online and call a locksmith for the installation.


The Deadbolt Lock Size and the Complexity of the Installation also Affect the Price


The size of the lock depends on the size of your door and its existing hole. You can easily find a compatible lock that fits your door if you have a standard door with a standard hole (2 1/8 inches in diameter). However, if you have a non-standard door or hole (such as an older or thicker door), you might need to drill a new hole or enlarge the existing one to fit your new lock. This can add to the cost and time of the installation. So, the cost to change and install a new deadbolt lock can vary greatly.

The complexity of the installation depends on how easy or difficult it is to install your door lock. If you have some essential tools and skills, you can install your new lock by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, if you are not confident or experienced enough or have a complicated or high-tech lock that requires wiring or programming, you should hire a professional locksmith to do it for you. A professional locksmith service can ensure that your lock is installed correctly and securely and offer advice on how to use and maintain your lock.


Deadbolt Lock Installation Cost


Generally, you can expect to pay between $75 and $200 for home-related locksmith services.

The labor fees vary depending on who you hire and where you live. The average cost of hiring a locksmith is between $50 and $100 per hour, plus a service call fee of $15 to $25. However, the cost can vary depending on the location, the time, the type of lock, and the job’s difficulty.

Some locksmiths charge a flat rate for installing a new lock, while others charge by the hour. Always ask for an estimate before hiring a locksmith and compare quotes from different Brickell, Miami locksmiths to find the best deal.

The cost to change and install a new deadbolt lock can range from $100 to $300, depending on the type, brand, quality, size, and complexity of the lock and the installation.

According to Angie List, a deadbolt lock installation costs $150, but it can cost between $40 and $200, depending on the type of lock.

When choosing a new home deadbolt lock, consider your budget, security needs, door compatibility, and installation preference.

When should Homeowners Change their Deadbolt Locks?

change your deadbolt locks with professional Locksmith

Deadbolt locks are one of the most important security features in any home. They provide a strong and reliable barrier against intruders and burglars. However, deadbolt locks are not immune to wear and tear and may need to be replaced occasionally. Here are some signs that indicate when people should replace their home deadbolt lock:

  • The lock is difficult to operate. If the lock is hard to turn, jammed, or stuck, it may be a sign that the internal mechanism is damaged or corroded. This can compromise the lock’s effectiveness and make it easier to break or pick.
  • The lock is loose or wobbly. If the lock is not firmly attached to the door or the frame, it may not align properly with the strike plate or the hole in the door. This can create gaps that allow the lock to be bypassed or forced open.
  • The lock is outdated or of low quality. If the lock is old, cheap, or poorly designed, it may not offer adequate protection against modern threats. For example, some locks can be easily opened with bump keys, credit cards, or other tools. It is advisable to upgrade to a high-security lock with features such as anti-drill plates, anti-pick pins, or smart technology.
  • The lock has been tampered with or damaged. If the lock shows signs of an attempted break-in, such as scratches, dents, or broken parts, it may be compromised and must be replaced. Even if the lock still works, the intruder may have weakened or altered it.
  • The key is lost or stolen. If the key to the lock is missing or in the wrong hands, it may pose a security risk. Anyone who has access to the key can enter the house without permission. Rekeying the lock as soon as possible is recommended.

Replacing and installing a deadbolt lock is not difficult, but it requires some tools and skills. Choosing a compatible, high-quality lock that fits the door and matches the existing hardware is important. Alternatively, people can hire a professional locksmith for a new deadbolt lock installation.

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  1. The fact that there are specific locks that have double the safety mechanisms really impresses me. I feel like this is one of the better ways we can secure our home from any kind of intruder without having to be too overly complicated about what we install. I’ll ask a locksmith for these models for sure when I find time to do some housework.

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