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What is the Average Cost of Safes?

average cost of safes burglary and fire

If you are looking for an item to store your valuables, you might wonder about the average cost of safes. The answer depends on several factors, such as the size, type, security level, and fire or burglar rating of the safe.

In this blog post, we will explore some common types of safes and their average costs based on the data from various sources.


Types of Safes and Their Average Costs

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There are many types of safes available on the market, each designed for a specific purpose and level of protection. Some of the most common average cost of safes are:


  • Portable fire box safes: These small boxes can be easily carried and stored. They can offer fire protection for documents and other items that heat can damage. They are not secure against theft, as they have simple locks and can be easily broken or carried away. The average cost of a portable fire box safe ranges from $20 to $199, depending on the size and manufacturer.


  • Small fireproof safes: These are slightly larger and heavier than portable fireboxes, but still relatively small. They offer better fire protection than portable fireboxes, as they can withstand higher temperatures and longer exposure durations. They also have more secure locks and hinges, making them more resistant to tampering and prying. The average cost of a small fireproof safe ranges from $300 to $700, depending on the size and manufacturer.


  • Small jewelry/burglary safes: These are safes designed to protect jewelry and other valuables from theft. They have thick steel walls and doors, multiple locking bolts, drill-resistant hard plates, and relocking devices. They may also have some fire protection, but not as much as fireproof safes. The average cost of a small jewelry/burglary safe ranges from $750 to $1,800, depending on the size and manufacturer.


  • Large burglary-rated safes: These safes protect large amounts of cash, jewelry, and other valuables from theft. They have similar features as small jewelry and burglary safes, but they are larger in size and weight. They may also have higher security ratings, such as TL-15 or TL-30, which indicate the amount of time and tools required to break into them. The average cost of a large burglary-rated safe ranges from $1,200 to $3,000, depending on the size and manufacturer.


  • Large high-security safes: These are safes that offer the highest level of protection against theft and fire. They have features such as composite steel walls and doors, multiple layers of hard plates, glass relockers, thermal sensors, and alarms. They also have high-security ratings, such as TRTL-30×6 or TXTL-60, which indicate the amount of torching and tooling required to break into them. The average cost of a large high-security safe range from $2,600 to $11,000 or more, depending on the size and manufacturer.


Factors That Affect the Average Cost of a Safe

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Besides the type and size of the safe, other factors can affect the cost of a safe, such as:


  • Fire rating: This measures how long a safe can withstand a specific temperature without damaging its contents. Manufacturers usually express safe fire ratings in hours (such as 1 hour or 2 hours) or minutes (such as 30 minutes or 60 minutes). The higher the fire rating, the more expensive the safe will be.


  • Security rating: This measures how resistant a safe is to different attacks, such as drilling, prying, cutting, or torching. You can find security ratings in letters and numbers (such as B or C) or acronyms (such as TL or TRTL). The higher the security rating, the more expensive the safe will be.


  • Lock type: This is the type of mechanism that secures the safe door. Lock types can be mechanical (such as key or combination) or electronic (such as keypad or biometric). Electronic locks are more convenient and user-friendly than mechanical ones, but they may also require batteries or power sources. The cost of a lock can vary depending on its quality and features.


  • Delivery and installation: This is the cost of transporting and installing the safe at your desired location. Delivery and installation costs can vary depending on the size and weight of the safe, the distance and accessibility of the area, and the complexity of the installation. Some online sellers offer free curbside delivery, but you may still need to pay a professional locksmith installation in Miami to bolt down your safe or place it in a hard-to-reach spot.


How Do You Choose a Safe That Fits Your Budget?


With so many options and factors to consider, choosing a safe that fits your budget can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you make an intelligent decision:


  • Assess your needs: Consider what you want to store in your safe, how much space you need, how often you access your safe, and where you want to place your safe. These factors will help you narrow down your choices and determine the type and size of the safe that suits your needs.


  • Compare prices: Shop around and compare prices from different sellers and manufacturers. You can use online tools such as the OSHA Safety Pays Program to estimate the average cost of safes and their impact on your profitability. You can also use online reviews and ratings to check the quality and reliability of different safes and sellers.


  • Look for discounts and deals: You may find discounts and deals on safes occasionally, especially during holidays or special occasions. You can also look for coupons, rebates, or free shipping offers that can lower the cost of your safe. However, be careful not to compromise on quality or security for the sake of saving money.


  • Consider the long-term costs: Buying a safe is not a one-time expense. You must also consider the long-term costs of maintaining, repairing, or replacing your safe. For example, you may need to change the batteries or power source of your electronic lock. Or you may need to upgrade your safe if your needs change or if your safe becomes outdated or damaged. Therefore, invest in a high-quality safe that will last a long time and meet your current and future needs.


The Conclusion to Average Cost of Safes


Buying a safe in Miami, FL, is an important decision that can affect the security and safety of your valuables. The average cost of safes can vary widely depending on the type, size, security level, fire rating, lock type, delivery, and safe installation.


Therefore, it is essential to do your research and compare prices before making a purchase. You should also consider your needs, budget, and long-term costs when choosing a safe that fits your situation.

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