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What Is An Inscribed “Do Not Copy” Key?

what is an inscribed do not copy key

Miami Locksmith has been around the Locksmithing industry for a while and seen many weird things. One thing people often ask us or have questions about is a key that says “Do not duplicate.” Customers often wonder if it’s illegal to replicate the key.

The fact is there is no regulation concerning “do not duplicate” keys. The message discovered on many business keys isn’t legally mandatory. They can be quickly copied by a locksmith in Miami though many high hardware stores, might refuse to cut these keys.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the point of having a key engraved if a locksmith can copy it.” And do these keys offer more protection than regular keys that are non-marked?

The engraved keys do not boost security

the engraved keys do not increase security`

Property owners and business owners started pressing on the do not duplicate key to controlling security offenses from fired workers, former renters, building workers or contractors and, others that gain ownership of a key. Unauthorized key duplication is a top security threat in companies today and its one that is difficult to keep track.

Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA)

The inscription could lower the number of copies from circulation due to the requirement of getting them replicated by a locksmith. You’ll think criminals will think twice before asking to make a copy of a key engraved, but it doesn’t stop them from trying. However, the fact remains that keys made with “Do not duplicate” are not more protected than keys with no marking.

The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) says, acquiring a “do not duplicate” business keys might offer a false sense of security. Consumers who want more protection should purchase a patented key control system instead of relying upon an engraved key. However, it doesn’t apply to keys protected by legislation.

Restricted Keys

restricted keys

However, it’s illegal to duplicate several keys. Locksmiths refer to those keys as “restricted keys”, meaning duplication rights are confined to the key’s original producer. Lock manufacturers have produced keys that are more difficult to replicate. The design is patent and the procedure to duplicate requires special equipment.

Restricted keys are covered by the United States patent legislation that protects producers of specialized lock and key systems. The penalty of illegal replicating a restricted key could be as high as $10,000 for circumventing the law.

Copies of restricted keys are limited to approved locksmiths or producers and demand the use of specialized tools. To make a duplicate, the locksmith must request proof the individual has got consent from the original owner and needs the identification of the individual.

Growing Business Security Steps

growing business security steps

If you think that duplicate keys are endangering the security of your company think about asking a locksmith to rekey the locks. During rekeying, the internal mechanism gets replaced, which makes it impossible for an unauthorized key to open and work the bolt.

An additional means to offer protection would be to invest in high-security deadbolts locks. Some manufacturers create locks with added pins or unique attributes on the pins including angles and dimples to make them resist lock-picking or lock-bumping. These locks are made to stop vandals or thieves from breaking those using forced entry or drill attacks.

For better passkey control security, it is suggested to employ a technical solution, for example, smart locks. These devices permit you to lock, unlock doorways, armed the security system, and, track traffic all from the smartphone. Another solution is electronic access control systems or card systems that makes it possible for companies to restrict specific locations or stop access to some without making extra cards for other employees.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith Could Help

caraballo liberty locksmith could help

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith located in Miami creates copies that function well and may replicate all sorts of keys even restricted keys but with permission. A locksmith also offers you with key control management systems, high-security locks, and, the advice to protecting your property, pets, and, more importantly, your family.

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