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What Home Safe to Buy? Fire or Burglar-Resistant

buy a home safe

You will have various choices when you search for a home safe. Of course, everyone considers size, price, the safe’s contents, and the safe’s location. However, the primary protection you require is the essential factor to consider before making this significant investment. 

Manufacturer-built fire resistance and burglar resistance safes for two significant purposes. Our residential locksmith in Miami experts will quickly introduce you to these residential safes below.

Quick Introduction to Home Burglar Safes

buy a burglar safe

 Burglar safes that prevent forced entry offer security from burglars. Various tools, such as hammers, power tools, torches, chemicals, and explosives, are used by burglars to open safes. A burglar safe can withstand various attacks, but unique construction materials and methods must be employed to safeguard against each danger.

The truth is no safe is burglar-proof. An intruder can open almost all safes with the necessary equipment, the correct abilities, and enough time. It is vital to keep this in mind. However, the safe’s primary goals are to prevent burglaries, stop thefts by inexperienced criminals, and delay the professional James Bond burglar. 

A home safe can create a delay when combined with other security measures, including deadbolt locks and alarm systems. In addition, it will enhance the probability that the intruder gets caught or leave the property before they finish the job.


Quick Introduction to Home Fire Safes


 Safes with fire protection features can prevent fire damage to the contents of the safe. However, fire safes are not fire-proof, just like burglar safes are not burglar-proof. They can only withstand a fire for a limited amount of time, ideally, sufficient time for the firefighters or department to arrive and put out the fire.


 Refrain from Relying on a Fire-Resistant Safe to Deter Burglary!

the truth about fireproof safes

Many clients request a fireproof safe. But these safes are fire resistant, meaning they can withstand heat, smoke, and sometimes water for a limited time.

Fireproof safes protect paper documents and some cash from heat and smoke damage. Yet, fireproof safes are constructed of extremely thin (16–18 gauge) metal, making them more vulnerable to theft. The metal is a container for fire retardant substances but can be effortlessly pierced, sawed, or cut using standard hand tools. A fireproof safe will be excellent if you must keep valuables and crucial documents like wills, passports, marriage and birth certificates, and a bit of cash secure from a fire.

Avoid keeping expensive items in a fireproof safe, such as vast sums of money, jewelry, or gold. Our experts in safe and vault locksmith services have seen many fireproof safes readily smashed. The owners believed that the safe could secure items against a burglary attempt. Instead, buy quality burglar fire safes to secure your belongings from fire and burglar attacks.

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When Should Property Owners Use a Wall Home Safe?


Owners can hide their wall safes and occupy little space but have severe fire and burglary resistance limitations.

Don’t use a wall safe to store considerable sums of money, jewelry, gold, and silver since they are often made of thin gauge metal. The wall safe may be cut out with a saw to be removed, negating the need to smash open the safe using powerful equipment. Some people like the part about hiding a wall safe from intruders while knowing in other safes, you cannot. 

The issue is that individuals frequently need to pay more attention to the intelligence of burglars and consider those who already intend to search in peculiar areas like closets and under mattresses for their concealed valuables.

A wall safe is a significant investment to prevent employees, kids, or family members from accessing prescription medicines. Or you could keep things there that you use frequently. High-end jewelry can be temporarily stored in a wall safe if your place of business is less secure. Expensive jewelry, gold, or cash are better suited for long-term storage in burglar fire safes.


In Conclusion


Buying a safe in Miami, FL, prepares you for the unexpected, so it is wise to search for one that can be both fire and burglar-resistant.


I understand a quality home safe costs more than ones that offer protection from only fire or burglary. However, your serenity can be worth the investment while you sleep or work.


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