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What Can Smart Locks Do For You?

Smart phone app for smart lock connectivity

Locksmith Miami has improved the services to many clients, but recently they have questions about “smart locks.”

Well, they’re not a fad the industry has grown exponentially because of their security and convenience.

If you’re trying to find a new door lock for a doorway or replacement of old locks, then smart locks bring an entirely new degree of convenience and access to your home or office.

Smart locks grant us the access of a residence with no key but also sends alarms so you could monitor entrance and exit.

These features are fantastic for almost any homeowner that gives remote access to family members, guests or workers on an everyday basis.

This guide will explain smart home technology employed in door locks and also the functionality and benefits from the locksmith in Miami point of view:


Smart door locks incorporate the same function as standard deadbolts.

Also, they offer you the benefits of keyless entry, code tracking and protection capacity through your smartphone.

The keyless entrance systems arrive in keypad, key fob, and, remote access setups.

Just enter your code directly onto the keypad to unlock the doorway or press the lock or unlock on your key fob.

For remote access, you are going to require the use of blue tooth, Wi-Fi or even Z-wave.

Blue tooth is easy and straightforward to install but has a radius of about 40 feet.

You also, need to set your smartphone with the lock via the door lock manufacturer’s application.

The door lock will know that it’s your mobile and allow access.

Wi-Fi has an infinite range as soon as you connect with a router.

Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi system, and you will trigger the lock from anywhere.

Z wave demands a home automation system which uses system controls to activate the lock.

Also, it requires the use of the World Wide Web via a smartphone or other device.

You could even activate many smart locks using a key like regular deadbolts.

Moreover, by inputting a particular code that you create using the keypad.

It’s a convenient feature for allowing permission to service technicians or neighbors when on vacation or at work.

You could give guess passes codes for the work time and then will not work after they leave.

Make sure that your smart lock consists of advanced level communication encryption for extra security.

Parts Life Span

Smart locks operate using battery power, and healthy battery life ranges from 6 months to a year.

The lock will sound an audible alarm as the electric batteries start to fade away so that you’ll understand when to restore it.

Key-fobs operate using batteries lifespans of 1 to three years, based on the number of activations it utilized.

Additional Capabilities

work-remotely control smart phone

There are lots other features to take into consideration when deciding the right lock.

Make sure the bolt includes a compatible mobile app for virtually any phone that’ll require access.

Real-time alerts can track who goes and comes whenever you’re not home in real-time.

More high-level smart locks offer security features that could boost your serenity.

A tamper alarm could inform you of a burglary attempt, while a perimeter lock feature helps to make sure that outside doors will lock automatically once you leave the vicinity while at a specific range.

Smart-locks could interact with other smart home services and products which connect to your home system.

That means that you could program your lights to come on automatically once you unlock your doorway.

Also, have the security-camera send a photo to your smartphone.

Therefore, you could see who entered your residence.

Do you replace or upgrade your deadbolts?

replace or upgrade deadbolts

If you still want to maintain your old dead-bolt, then there are a couple of smart locks which clamp or fit within the existing deadbolt.

Turning your deadbolt into a smart lock and setup can be completed in no more than fifteen minutes.

However, replacing your lock then pick a smart lock that’s right for your current door hardware.

Make sure the locking system you select can be used with your Smart Hub Protocol (Bluetooth, Z-wave or Wi-Fi).

Smart home locks indorse bump, pick resistance, and drill-proof cylinders.

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