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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Commercial Lock in 2024

best commercial lock in 2024

Selecting the best commercial lock is crucial when securing your business. The safety of your business, its assets, and your employees depends on the quality and reliability of the locks you choose.

With various options available, deciding which lock best suits your needs can be overwhelming, but don’t worry; our Miami-Dade pro locksmiths can help. 

This blog post will guide you through the different types of commercial locks and what to consider when deciding.


Understanding Commercial Lock Grades

guide to commercial locks

Commercial locks are categorized into three grades by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA):


  1. Grade 1: These are the highest-grade locks for high-traffic areas such as hospitals and schools. They offer exceptional durability and resistance to intensive use.


  1. Grade 2: Suitable for lighter commercial applications, these locks still provide good security and durability, but do not use them like Grade 1.


  1. Grade 3: You can find and use Grade 3 locks in low-traffic commercial areas for residential purposes.


Types of Commercial Locks


  • Keyless Entry Systems


Keyless entry systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their enhanced security features. They eliminate the need for traditional keys and use digital solutions such as codes, smart cards, and biometric recognition. These systems can provide time-specific access codes and audit trails for monitoring entry and exit activities.


  • Electric Strike Locks


Electric strike locks work with a standard lockset and an electrified strike plate. They unlock upon authorization, allowing the door to be opened without manipulating knobs or levers. These locks are ideal for comprehensive access control systems.


  • Magnetic Locks


Magnetic locks, or maglocks, use an electromagnetic field to secure doors. You can operate them through an access control system and integrate them with other security systems for entry authorization. Maglocks provide a strong, tamper-resistant holding force.


  • Deadbolt Locks


Deadbolt locks provide strength and resistance to forced entry. Consider these locks one of the most secure types of locks for commercial spaces.


  • Mortise Locks


Mortise locks provide durability, and business owners usually use them in high-traffic areas. They are versatile and can be integrated with various locking mechanisms.


  • Smart Locks


Smart locks offer convenient keyless access control, which you can manage remotely. They are suitable for businesses that require flexible access management. However, hire a Brickell Locksmith professional for the best lock installation.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Business Lock


When choosing a commercial lock, consider the following factors:



  • Security Level: What level of security does your business require?


  • Access Control: Do you need to control who has access to certain areas?


  • Integration: Does the lock need to integrate with other security systems?


  • Budget: How much are you willing to invest in the locks?


Reasons to Replace the Commercial Locks

top reasons to change your commercial locks

Replacing commercial locks is critical to maintaining security for any business. There are several reasons why a business might need to replace its locks. 


  • One of the most common reasons is to enhance security, especially if the existing locks are outdated and no longer provide adequate protection against break-ins. 


  • Another reason is to address lost keys, which can pose a significant security risk if they fall into the wrong hands. 


  • Additionally, if a business moves to a new location, it’s essential to change the business locks to ensure that previous tenants or owners no longer have access. 


  • Upgrading to more advanced locking systems can also improve convenience for employees and customers, potentially increasing productivity by allowing for remote access or keyless entry. 


  • Lastly, if a security breach or keys have been stolen, replacing locks is necessary to secure the premises and protect against future unauthorized access.


Best Commercial Lock Brands


When securing commercial properties, the choice of lock brands is crucial. Industry experts often recommend brands with a reputation for reliability and security. 


Among the top contenders are:





These brands are recognized for meeting the stringent standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), ensuring they provide the highest security and durability required for commercial settings. 


It’s important to choose locks that not only meet industry standards but also align with your business’s specific security needs.



Investing in the best commercial lock is essential for your business’s security. 


By understanding the different grades and types of locks and considering your specific needs, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safety of your premises.


Contact a locksmith in Kendall, Florida, to find the best solution for your business.

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