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Tricks Burglars Use To Gain Entry To People’s Property

tricks burglars use to gain entry to people's property

Top Miami Locksmith specialist hates burglars, and most people do too. To everyone burglars are usually drug addicts who steal things to later on sell it to get high and are big idiots, right? Honestly, not all of them; a few thieves plan elaborate heists, ironically have an incredible love for their “work,” and, have excellent attention to details.

Locksmith in Miami experts think knowing how criminals think, act, and, identifying the things they look for are critical in home security. Check these numerous tricks burglars use to gain entry into your property that you probably haven’t heard of:

Metal Detectors

metal detectors

Criminals use metal detectors both as a tool and a trick. Typically, metal detectors help thieves out a lot, particularly once they gain entry into your home or office by looking for valuable such as, jewelry. However, for many thieves, utilizing a metal detector outside helps them find even well-hidden keys and other assets that may be hidden outside.

It is not an everyday event since there are a time commitment and stealth that is required to achieve the goal. However, everything relies upon the job the criminal is attempting to pull off. Everyone knows, time is a critical factor to criminals, and every burglar has their own time limitations.


Many criminals use front entryways and windows as the entry point, but a significant number of them utilize the smart little trick of bypassing them altogether. They concentrate on other entry points that they can exploit including the garage.

By disregarding the entryway and the main passage point, these criminals bypass the most monitored areas and invest their energy on the areas that are going to have less security. One of these areas that have minimal protection is the garage. In many homes, the garage allows thieves direct access to the house, giving these criminals better odds of getting away with the crime.

Check your social media

check your social media

It shocks me that these days, people still dismiss social media private setting since burglars use it as a way to get information on the target. Some individuals still love to share all part of their lives via social media.

However, these individuals forget the kind of reach that many of these social media platforms have on our daily lives. You need to realize anyone can find the information that you share via social media. First, if the criminal sees you as their target and second if you don’t have the right privacy settings.

Surveillance of people through social media is similar to staking out a victim’s home, and it is likewise used to gather plenty of data that proves to be useful for robbers. The information ranges from the times a home is left empty, to the new gifts that you got for Christmas or a birthday. Today, it is ignorant to think that any of the info you share through social media can’t be viewed by a friend and a burglar too.

Misuse access to your home

Often, burglars are individuals that you know or individuals that have some level of access to your home, office or vehicle. Usually, the case may be a burglar utilize the access they willingly get to take some things from your property.

Others compromise your security efforts, for example, leaving a locked window unlocked, so it is simpler for them to gain entry later on. People disregard the trick since its supposed friends or at least trusted coworkers that commit these crimes.

Strangers that make repeat visits

strangers that make repeat visits

The last trick that criminals will exploit is the repeat visit. It just means a thief could appear as a salesperson at your property on different occasions before they really try to take anything. For the most part, the activity of repeat visits enables thieves to picture a specific property.

Basically, it will make them even more familiar with your security efforts for example, friendly with your dog or check out your locks and, other security measures that you have set up.

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