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Traditional Door Locks VS. Smart Locks

traditional deadbolt door locks

Considering traditional door locks versus smart locks when buying one for your home or office is essential when investing in the property. 

A strong door lock protects your home from uninvited intruders. A qualified home or commercial Miami locksmith will determine your optimal locking option.

There are several lock alternatives, and mostly, there are two kinds: conventional door locks and smart locks.

Investigate these locks and choose the finest one for your house or workplace rather than assuming your home is secure. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the door locks importance until they are locked out or have experience break-ins.

Our experts will compare conventional locks with smart locks so you can be well-informed when installing a new lock on your door.


What is a Traditional lock?

traditional door lock

Traditional door locks are widely used in both homes and workplaces. A locking mechanism secures the door, and a key is required to unlock it.

Different conventional door locks are available. Knob, pin-tumbler, mortise, and deadbolt locks are a few examples. All of these locks have a unique locking mechanism. In addition, traditional locks have anti-pick and anti-bump features that protect your property from burglars.


What is a Smart Lock?

residential smart locks

Smart locks with automation features provide convenience and access control. No key is required to open them, so that people can operate them via smartphones thru WiFi or Bluetooth. They can be used electronically or remotely.


Traditional Locks versus Smart Locks


Compared to conventional locks, are smart locks more secure?

Unlike smart locks, traditional locks cannot be monitored or controlled from the office or home. So, are smart locks safer than conventional locks? Watch how they compare to one another.


  1. Traditional Locks offer better Security than Smart Locks


Old cheap traditional locks are simple to bypass by intruders. But today’s locks have sophisticated mechanical technology that makes them challenging for thieves to crack. In addition, these are resistant to lock picking and bumping. However, if you experience a lockout, only a qualified Brickell home locksmith can assist you.

Digital technology has been used to create intelligent locks with traditional locks mechanisms. The mechanism is the same, but how you control it is different. Although smart locks make entry more straightforward, they give the same level of security as conventional locks.


  1. Smart Door Locks Provide Better Convenience than Conventional Locks


A smart lock triumphs in convenience, without a doubt. You can allow someone in remotely without a key or password. Traditional locks require a key to open, making it a security issue to provide it to someone you don’t trust. And until it is returned, the key stays with the user. As a result, security is in danger because it may fall into the wrong hands. You’ll also need to call a residential locksmith to rekey the lock or install a new lock if the individual loses the key and you don’t have a spare.


Despite the ease of access provided by smart locks, if the WiFi or Bluetooth signal is interrupted, you will experience a lockout. When these problems arise, some smart locks include a physical key, compromising the convenience of having a smart lock. But it is handy for an emergency door lockout.


  1. Smart Locks Win Versatility


With the help of your smartphone, biometrics, codes, or standard keys, you can open a smart door lock. They may be utilized for controlling the lock on your door or even to keep track of and check when and who has accessed it by connecting to your smartphone.

Traditional locks can’t do that; to open the door, you need the key, and the only other way to improve versatility is to have a master key.


  1. Access Control Goes to Smart Locks


Traditional locks need a key to open them. The only choice if you have a significant family or various employees that often come or go is to create duplicate keys utilizing a reputable home or business locksmith service. However, keeping track of these keys is difficult because they could get lost or misplaced.


Thanks to smart keys, you can control all access without a key. In addition, it provides access choices like permanent and temporary permissions or scheduled entries.


In conclusion


Smart locks won 3 to 1, but we advise utilizing high-security conventional locks if security is a top concern. Modern security features have been implemented to make them better and stronger. ‘


Nevertheless, smart locks are the perfect option for convenience and flexible access control. In addition, smart locks are a tremendous investment if you have the cash.


Smart locks make hacking attempts, battery issues, and online threats possible. Therefore, it does raise new security concerns. However, there have also been advancements to prevent cyber attacks. 

Are you looking for a locksmith door lock service?  Caraballo Liberty Locksmith is an expert in installing and repairing conventional and smart locks for homes and businesses.

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