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Top Tips For Rekeying Locks

rekeying lock services

Our reliable, cheap locksmith in Miami, FL, experts will like to educate people about the differences between rekeying a lock and changing a lock. For what reason is this significant, you ask? Well, for one it can save you a lot of cash every year on maintenance for your business or home. Besides the security upgrades it provides!

Significantly, you secure your property by hiring a Miami Locksmith to protect it from any intruder who is attempting to break in. Most homeowners and business owners have individuals they can trust to give a key to one of the most significant things in life, the home or business! If there should arise an occurrence of someone losing the key, or attempt break-in, you need to act quickly and smartly to prevent unwanted access to your property.

Many people don’t know that instead of changing their locks, there is a better way, and frequently less expensive solution to secure your property—re-keying. I will explain what does it mean to “re-key” a lock, and when should you rekey your locks as opposed to changing them.

Question your family, friend, or employee

You need to ask the person when was the last time they used the key, where and how did they lose it, and who else has spare keys. While confirming these questions, you’ll know how to act and for what reason to call your local locksmith in Miami Company to help you secure your property once more. Now, a break-in, or if someone destroyed your door locks while trying to enter your home requires a lock replacement without much hesitation.

Never wait until the last minute, particularly regarding your home’s security and business investment. Act accordingly and get the locks changed or rekeyed by an expert cheap locksmith in Miami, FL.

When should you change the locks?

when should you change the locks
  • You want your locks to be a different design or color to match your home. For instance, if you moved into a new home and the locks are old and rusted, change them to get a better-looking lock.
  • When you want to upgrade your locks to high-security locks, smart locks, or electronic locks.
  • If you have many locks of various brands on your home and you want them to work with the same key. Then, change them to the same brand so that all of them work with a similar key, then you can re-key them all to use one key. In business, the job costs more because there are many doors but at home, you only have to worry about the front door and back door.
  • A victim of a break-in or home invasion needs to upgrade their locks!

Which is the more cost effective choice?

which is the more cost effective choice

In situations where you have more than one lock installed but don’t have the key for them all. You should look at the cost of a new lock versus rekeying them without a key (which requires more labor) and settle on an informed choice regarding the more cost-effective choice. 

Only in situations where rekeying is more costly than the cost of a new lock, you should replace it. Usually, when you get your locks changed, the locksmith should supply you with a few matching keys.


After analyzing the key and lock situation, you can rekey all the locks, so the lost key can work for the affected doors.

While changing a lock is straightforward to understand, for example, changing an old lock with a new one, rekeying a lock requires more of an explanation to understand. Rekeying a lock means to change the functioning key of the lock to another key, without replacing the lock itself. Yes, you keep the same lock but the old key will never work again. You do this by disassembling the lock and replacing some parts inside called tumblers or key pins.

Each series of key pins in your lock matches to specific key pin so when you change those pins with different ones, you set another key that will operate the lock. And it’s a simple procedure that an expert locksmith can accomplish in a few minutes with the right tools.

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