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Top Tips For Better Home Security

top tips for better home security

When you’re searching for a dependable Miami locksmith, Caraballo Liberty Locksmith is glad to provide your home the security it requires. As your reliable home locksmith in Miami specialist, we provide many residential security benefits that will make your home more secure for the entire family.

Many modern homes have a few security flaws that makes them vulnerable against break-ins or robbery instead of better. So, I have made a list of security checks that you can perform to assess your home’s present state of security.

Choosing the right locks for your door

choosing the right locks for your door

As astonishing as it might sound, many thefts and burglaries occur to homeowners who left their doors unlocked. The thief didn’t even need to break or bypass the door locks—just turn the doorknob.

Often, individuals make burglars’ live much simpler by not locking the entryway. It’s more normal to leave the garage door open. Yet we have also seen situations where office door entryways, apartment entryways, and front or back doors were left open, and a burglar just walked inside.

So, close the entryways and use the locks you have installed. Any lock is superior to not locking your door. However, a few weak locks models are as bad as leaving the door open. Get the correct lock with security features that help against burglars’ forced entry techniques and lock-picking.

Garage door windows

The issue with having garage door windows is that a criminal can easily break into your garage and take some of your assets, including your power tools or vehicle, with no need to break into your home.

Do you have a garage door with windows, we suggest replacing it with a door without windows. Or if you can’t replace it try windows frost tint or reinforce the windows with security film to deter a potential intruder.

Pet Doors

While pet doors might be helpful for your pets, they’re also convenient for any small build burglar that wants to get into your home. If it’s big enough, a small-sized intruder can squeeze through or try to fit an arm inside to open the entryway.

If you don’t want to remove your pet entryway, your other option is to install a locking latch on the pet entryway. Instead, you can get an electronic pet door that can use your pet’s collar as a key. So, your pet can easily get in and out, but nobody else can.

Conceal your spare house keys

conceal your spare house keys

Concealing a house key is tricky since the front house facade isn’t hidden Burglars are keen, and they know the most popular spots a homeowner will hide an extra key is under a mat, underneath a fake rock, under a plant, or in a mailbox.

A neighbor or passerby burglar could see you when you’re bending over to pick the key up or putting your hand inside to take it out. Rather than leaving your extra key in these spots, give it to a friend or a trusted neighbor. Also, switching from traditional locks to electronic locks that use fingerprints or codes seems like the next step to not using or hiding keys anymore.

Putting away valuables

putting away valuables

Leaving costly things (Christmas gifts) in plain sight for bystanders to see remains a common mistake homeowners make, which looks like a target sign for thieves. Fortunately, this is a simple fix. Have you bought any costly things, such as the big screen TV or the December Christmas gifts (smartphones, laptops, bikes, or tablets) visible from the roadside?

It’s ideal for redesigning your home in a manner where things aren’t noticeable by putting curtains or tints and closing them when you’re not home. Another thing to consider is planting huge shrubs or spiky trees in front of your window to turn away potential criminals.

Outside lighting

Ensure your outside lights work well and protect them with light metal cages. Motion-activated lights give visibility to your home security since you’ll have great visibility at night.


Caraballo Liberty Locksmiths comprehend that your house is the greatest investment. As a property owner, you merit the peace of mind of knowing that your family, pets, and assets have the protection they deserve.

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