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Top Security Issues When Buying an Older Home

top security issues when buying an older home

Locksmith in Miami experts realizes being in the market for a new home doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new property. Older homes are usually built in prime areas offering homeowners lower sticker prices than modern high rises apartments and modern homes. Buying an older home can be an incredible investment, particularly for first-time homebuyers. However, know of the potential issues to pay special mind to before signing a contract.

So, are you thinking about putting resources into an older home? Then, focus on security first. Remember, you don’t want to save cash at the cost of your safety or family’s security. 

Here are Miami Locksmiths tips on the best way to make your life simpler when you buy an old home:

Old homes, old locks

old homes old locks

While it’s not true for all homes, it is typically the situation for most old homes. A century-old Victorian house that has been treasured and preserved by its previous owners no doubt comes with antique locks on the entryways and gates. While these locks and padlocks may look enchanting and complete the look of the house, they are not perfect security-wise.

Think about the impact of the wear and tear factor throughout the years and the damaging climate changes of rain, sun, snow, and dirt or salt on these locks. Most of these locks can’t face modern lock picking techniques and forced entry methods like kicking that burglars used to attack homes. Would you now feel safe living in an old home?

New locks baby!

It is ideal to have all your old locks replaced with commercial Grade 2 or 1 deadbolt locks for more security. These locks can prevent burglars bypassing techniques and make it more difficult to lock-pick. High-security locks are robust and dependable. 

High-security locks go well with at a sturdy wooden or metalcore entryways that makes them more difficult to kick open. Another convenient idea, use electric or smart locks that you can control with the assistance of access keypads, cards, biometrics or smartphones. Some bring security features that alert you of unapproved entry.

No alarm system

no alarm system

Most old homes don’t have an alarm system since these were not accessible back then. However, some old homes bring basic alarm models, however these won’t prevent a break-in. You need effective devices and deterrents to fend off the risks of home robbery. So, a decent home alarm with sensors on the entryways and windows is a superb solution.

Connect your alarm to a local security company so they can alert you and call the police if there’s any suspicious activity. Arm and disarm the alarm or control the front entryway lock with a couple of taps on your cell phone.

Have all pictures recorded and broadcast live and watch your home while on vacation. This is only possible with modern home alarm systems. You can even have a smart peephole doorbell set up that enables you to see who’s at the entryway before you open it.

Many dangers inside an old home!

many dangers inside an old home

Old wiring and clogged up pipes, obsolete electrical outlets and appliances, broken roof and defective or missing air filters could all endanger yourself and your family. Regrettably, these are typical issues that antique homes have but don’t worry. 

Take a deep breath; since you can still manage everything or the issues. You need to hire the perfect individuals such as the right plumber, electrician, and handyman. However, get some good reviews of Google My Business first before allowing anyone to touch your classic home.

Old garage door

Typically, antique homes accompany old garage doors and door remote controls that have not been fixed or tested for a long time. These will put your home in danger of break-ins, particularly if it connects the garage to the house through a door that doesn’t also have a sturdy lock. 

The garage door needs to come from a robust material like steel and sturdy wood and fitted with a commercial grade garage door lock with key cylinders and T handles.

Old windows

old windows

Corrosion and weakness usually accompany old window hinges and latches. These devices have been debilitated by the weather elements throughout the years. Well, unless the previous owner took care of business, odds are they will look the same. 

Have all the windows assessed, sliding entryways included and switch to metal security grills and decorative bars for added security.

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