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Top Reasons to Change Your Commercial Locks

top reasons to change your commercial locks

Allowing an expert locksmith to come into your business to change your commercial locks is as significant as some other maintenance jobs. The significance of high-quality locks shouldn’t be underestimated.

A burglary or theft can ruin a business, and these attacks are usually committed through unprotected front or back doors and entry points. If you administer a business, you should have well-maintained, sturdy locks that protect your valuables and documents from unauthorized people.

Business owners frequently fail to see the significance of changing the locks throughout their business. From enhancing security to adding convenience, their many reasons a business needs to hire Coral Way Locksmiths in Miami, FL, to routinely change and upgrade its locks.

Here are the best reasons to consider hiring a Coral Way Locksmith to install commercial locks on your business:

Replace Low-quality Lock on External Doors

replace low quality lock on external doors

This is likely one of the most significant reasons business owners should change locks. Low-quality locks risk your property and make it simple for burglars to enter. Sturdy deadbolt locks are the real deal regarding securing a property; for example, installing deadbolt locks on the front and back doors.

A durable lock can withstand a drill or hammer attack for at least a few minutes and bring security features that prevent lock-picking.

Change Commercial Locks when You Fire a Disgruntled Worker

Often, ex-employees aren’t in the right mind after getting fired. They may get defensive and do things you probably don’t expect from them. Business owners or managers may expect employees to turn in their keys upon termination. However, returning the key won’t ensure they don’t have access to the building.

Often, the disgruntled worker would make keys and take things out of revenge or even trash an office out of rage. So, replace your exterior and an internal door lock that stores essential documents or a safe. Also, change the safe codes of the employees who had access to it.

 Locks to Consider Replacing or Re-keying after a Worker is Fired:

  • Change locks on the exterior doors.
  • Replace office interior door locks that store essential valuables and documents.
  • Mailbox locks.
  • File cabinet locks that store sensitive information.

We recommend that homeowners hire a locksmith in Miami when they let go of a disgruntled worker to help prevent break-ins or vandalism.

Change your Commercial Locks after a Burglary or Attempted Burglary

change your commercial locks after a burglary or attempted burglary

A burglary can be an awful and costly experience, and even an attempted break-in can be upsetting. If a burglar has broken into your home by picking a lock, it is a real sign that the commercial locks on your property failed to protect your business.

If a burglar has entered your property through an open window or door, your keys may be missing. It means they can access your home whenever they want. It likewise leaves you without protection from your home insurance policy if they later break into your home using one of your spare keys.

The home insurance policy probably won’t pay if there are no signs of an attack, or they may think it was an inside job. If you are a victim of an office or commercial burglary, read this post to ensure your business security: Commercial Locksmith Service Tips for a Burglarized Office.

Replace your Commercial Locks when you Move into a New Office or Building

Usually, you don’t know the previous owners. Also, you don’t know why they moved or were thrown out. Keep your business secured by replacing the exterior door locks as early as possible.

Other reasons to replace commercial door locks are when you recently move in:

  1. The previous owner probably had old or obsolete door locks installed.
  2. Consider the prior employees who might have access to office keys and how many they lost.

That is a great deal to consider! Try not to take any risks and protect your business by contacting a commercial locksmith today!

Call a Locksmith when your Business has Worn Locks

call a locksmith when your business has worn locks

Do you have difficulty opening the locks at your business or office? Maybe, it’s the ideal time to consider replacing or upgrading your locks. When commercial door locks become worn or old, burglars can more easily bypass them to gain entry.

How frequently do your employees get locked out? Or call someone else to open the door for them? Fortunately, replacing these locks with better, more secure door locks is the right solution.

Is the Lock Jammed or Hard to Lock/Open

Locks have moving parts that can wear and tear over time. A lock that is jammed or difficult to lock or open is a huge sign that something isn’t correct with the locking mechanism. A jammed lock or issues with the multi-point locking mechanism will make it difficult to secure your business and may even allow a break-in. Whatever the problem, consider asking a locksmith to inspect and replace the lock or fix the locking mechanism.

Switch to Keyless Entry Door Locks

switch to keyless commercial door locks

Commercial keyless entry door locks are ideal replacements for the standard lock. The codes and entry are straightforward, and your local Coral Way locksmith in Miami can help you with the installation.

These locks provide the convenience of not carrying a key, but some lock devices still use keys as backups.

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