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Top Home Security Recommendations

top home security recommendations

Even Locksmith in Miami experts knows our home is our sanctuary and it’s the same for homeowners who want to come home to relax. It’s a place where people relax their evenings after a hectic day. Your house is a safe refuge from the outside world where you and your loved ones feel at ease. However, if you have experienced a break-in or you think your home is under-protected, it will endanger the security of your home.

A burglary transpires every eighteen seconds in the United States. Yeah, a statistic that nobody wishes to be part of but Miami Locksmith have methods that will increase the possibilities of you not being a victim. Utilizing a couple of simple home security methods, you will improve your sense of safety while relaxing at home and thwart burglars and guard your valuables.

Prevention tips start outside your house since burglars pass your home more often than we like to think. Take a walk around your house with a watchful eye to see what changes it requires. Listed below are things you might have missed:

Always lock windows and doors

always lock windows and doors

Keep windows and doors locked whenever you’re not home or once you go to bed. If you prefer to sleep with a window open at night, then set up window locks that allow only a small opening. Also, secure your outside doors with deadbolt locks as their more difficult to open using forced entry techniques like lock-picking, bump key, and, kicking attacks.

It’s also advisable to keep your garage door down during the day and installing a solid lock to prevent garage door fishing. Keeping the garage door open invites burglars to shop around like their shopping at Walmart. It supplies simple access to your property something most burglars can say no to increase the odds of a break-in. They will find your house is well worth to target since you have good stuff to take from the open carport.

Do not let thieves know you’re not home

Usually, most of the times we go on vacation on holidays or work-related, we tell everyone on social media like no one outside your family and friends sees your posts. We are people who love to share everything and burglars love that about us.

Submitting a status update or even a tweet on Facebook that you have arrived in Paris when you live in Miami tells burglars you’re not home. Save updates for once you get back from your trip and image share all your picture to social media while being home.

Keep your lawn and patio clean to prevent giving burglars tools

keep your lawn and patio clean to prevent giving burglars tools

What? Yes, burglars will access a house with rocks, falling branches, and, anything they can throw at a window. It’s better not give a tool especially, not one from your home. Pick-up broken tree lamb following a storm or a windy day and throw it away when the garbage truck passes.

After cleaning outdoors, make sure your children put their toys away. Never leave a ladder to prevent an easy entry from a burglar who couldn’t do much downstairs and is looking for the second floor to unlock the window. Use the same tip for your outside gatherings or jobs; lock the gardening tools, barbecue grill, and, lawn devices.

Install a home alarm system

Even though an alarm won’t keep burglars from getting into your house, however, it could dissuade an attempt. Furthermore, it’s not a tip but a reminder to make sure you armed the alarm for home alarm systems to work every time you leave; no matter how long you’ll take on the errand.

Often people work from their garages and don’t arm the alarm thinking just their presence will scare off the crooks. But sometimes it doesn’t work, and a criminal will enter from the patio and steal everything while the homeowner is busy.

Secure sliding glass doors

secure sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors come with latches instead of locks which makes them easy targets for thieves. However, you could update to more secure locks. If you keep the standard latch, then a burglar will pop them in a minute, providing easy access.

So, install a security bar and a quality lock that will make getting access to a house nearly impossible without breaking a large window. Usually, most criminals don’t like to make noise and much with a significant window.

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