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Top Hands-Free Systems to Ensure COVID-19 Safety in the Workplace

hands-free entry system installation

Locksmiths near me experts can install hands-free entry systems to enhance your security and ensure the safety of your employees and your clients. Yes, today’s life after COVID-19 has brought us with unknown health dangers that might be more sinister than theft and burglar threats.

Besides implementing social distancing and proper hygiene guidelines in your business, it’s essential to guarantee that you’re building security also complies with the hands-free entry systems.

Because of innovative advances, building security has made some amazing progress from the traditional lock and key systems. Innovation eliminates the need to interact with high-touch surfaces, for example, door handles or knobs and mechanical locks to enter your structure.

Installations of commercial access control systems, for example, electric strikes, automatic doors, and keyless entry can protect your property’s security without risking spreading the virus.

The most ideal systems to use hands-free entry are:

Automatic doors

While each business can restrict access, there are many places where you need to make it simpler for individuals to get in. Many building codes require a structure to have handicap accessibility to accommodate clients or workers with physical disabilities. When your business needs this requirement, you’ll need one passageway with automatic doors somewhere in the building.

Besides automatic doors proving to be a brilliant method to make your building handicap accessible, they can likewise eliminate the need to touch the door to open it. If you have a high-traffic area, for example, a lobby or entrance to your business that individuals use a lot, automatic doors will permit people touch-free access.

Restaurants or enormous offices with normal doors or handles at the entrance will require hundreds or thousands of individuals to touch the same surface every day to enter or exit. But if you leave them open the entire day to reduce the spread of the virus, you risk wasting money on energy bills. Automatic doors permit you to keep up unhindered traffic throughout public areas without spreading viruses.

Electric door strikes

electric door strikes

An electric door strike can enhance hand free safety. The strike is the metal plate on a door that either restricts or allows the door to open. You can open the strike physically using a key to unlock the entryway. We don’t know exactly how long COVID-19 will keep representing a risk to our safety and security. So, organizations and small businesses should shift towards using an electric strike. By using an electric strike, you can remotely open the entryway to permit anyone access.

There are two electric strikes, fail-safe and fail-secure electric strikes. If the building loses power, a fail secure electric strike will keep the door locked, while a fail-safe electric strike will unlock the door. If your property has adequate emergency exit alternatives, a fail secure electric strike is the better option to maintain security during blackouts.

Keyless entry work perfectly as hands-free entry systems

keyless entry work perfectly as hands free entry systems

You can use another hands free access option, for example, key fob lock systems or Bluetooth keyless door locks. Most people use key fobs to open or ignite their vehicles, but key fobs can also work for buildings and homes. Key fobs replace the need to touch a door to open it, as you can easily lift the small token to a scanner.

Besides helping hygiene safety, key fobs are likewise more secure than metal keys since people can’t duplicate them like an actual key. Key fob lock systems can likewise be reprogrammed if the user loses the key fob which will prevent any unapproved access to your property. While keypad systems likewise offer the same security, they do require individuals to touch the same surface, so key fob lock systems are a superior hands-free choice.

Bluetooth keyless entry locks have become more common with both homes and businesses. These deadbolt locks use a modern technical and smart system that Siri or any Apple device can open. The straightforwardness and quality of Bluetooth keyless entry locks make them an easy option to use hands-free entry at your business or home.

Foot and arm pulls and push plates for entry

If you have any entryways at your business, you would prefer not to replace all with automatic doors, you can install devices on your doors to make them a hands-free entry system. An arm or a foot pull can permit clients to open a door without having to touch surfaces like doorknobs or handles.

This is a simple method of hands-free entry without spending too much on costly devices. You can likewise set up a push plate that customers and employees can automatically open with an elbow. Also, it gives the advantage of making it handicap accessible.

Organizations should use safety protocols, hygiene, and preventions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, using hands-free entry systems will facilitate the burden by removing the most touched surfaces in your business. If you combine them or implement at least one of these options, you will securely and safely maintain your business without fear.

Caraballo Liberty Locksmith working diligently after Covid-19

caraballo liberty locksmith working diligently after covid19

An expert locksmith can assist you in deciding the best hands-free entry systems alternative for your business.

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