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Top “Get Me” Signs Your Home Gives Off To Burglars

top get me signs your home gives off to burglars

Many homeowners ask Miami Locksmiths whether their house is giving off signs to burglars. The truth, most burglars are opportunistic; however, you sometimes get a smart cat. A thieve that drives by homes to see their next targets, checks homeowners patterns, and, are very cautious of their surroundings, professionals.

Admittedly, many times is the homeowner’s fault their homes get attacked. Yeah, allow locksmith in Miami high security specialist show you why:

The front entryway

Truthfully, about one-third of robbers enter through the front doors. It’s the simple way inside a home or the most straightforward access! Often mortgage holders admit to every now and again leaving the front entryway opened or unlock.

What’s more, taking into account that most of the burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., knocking on your front entryway enables thieves to act like salespeople while secretly checking your doorknob or deterrents. So, please lock your entryway and switch to a strong deadbolt!



Setting out the boxes from your new HDTV or surround system on the curb is telling burglars that those things are in your home. Robbers like to steal electronics, money, jewelry, and, other things they could take personally, so it makes your home an attractive target. So purchase a box cutter and break down the large boxes and stack them together but wait until the garbage truck passes by on garbage day.


Homes in high-visibility areas, as on corners, are far more unlikely to be attacked. The high-visibility corner house has many ways where a passerby can see what’s going on and at the same time helps repel burglars. However, townhouse, homes situated in the middle of the street, or houses at a dead-end are great targets.

Even more accurate if your property backs up to a woodland, parking lot, or another unguarded territory. Try to make your home look challenging to access which means introducing high fences, brick walls, and, much lighting.

People’s health conditions

people's health conditions

Medications, especially prescription painkillers, are rapidly getting targeted by thieves. Also, as deplorable as this may sound, both expert thieves and addicts know that individuals who are elderly or sick have a lot more medications lying around.

So the elderly and chronically ill may merit extra caution and will need additional deterrents to keep their medicine safe.


Burglars love attacking first-floor windows almost as much as front doors. Since it is simple to jimmy a window open or break it with a piece of wood or a rock. Often, even individuals who are tenacious about locking their entryways will frequently leave a window slightly open, particularly during the summer.

Luckily, utilizing a window jam that will enable the window pane to get pushed open only a couple of inches solves the jimmy issue. Also, switch the latches to locks for a better locking mechanism for your window, and you could add an alarm or sensors for extra protection.



Make friends with the neighbors who live around you, as intrusive neighbors can be they also can be your best friends in home defense. You shouldn’t tell everybody when you’re going on a trip (particularly not on Facebook or Twitter), yet you would like to advise your plans to your neighbors and your neighborhood watch program.

So they can look out for unusual conduct or individuals they don’t recognize roaming around your home. Furthermore, request that they come to get your mail and papers, so it looks like the house is still alive.

Vacation images

vacation images

Many people admit to posting images while away. I know putting your trip pictures online may get you plenty of likes. However, it also advises your companions and family members that you’re presently a long way from home.

And it makes your home a target for anyone who roams Facebook or any social media site. Make sure your social media profiles aren’t public until you come back from your trip.

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