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Top Features of High Security Door Locks

top features of high security door locks

To find the right high security lock for your home or business, it is critical to know the differences in security. It’s more complicated than picking the best lock model from brands like Medeco, Yale, Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Schlage, etc. The best solution when looking at high-security locks is to make sense of which has the qualities you can’t live without.

Unless your security oriented don’t bother with a lock that has everything listed below, yet the more features they have, the better security they will offer. You can likewise use the data to find lock models that excel even though they’re not from a high-level company. So, make sure that your high-security entryway locks have some of the accompanying characteristics below:

Lock Cylinder Complexity

When looking at a complexity an entryway lock cylinder, you are trying to figure how difficult it would be for a criminal to get passed it. The more challenging the internal mechanics of the lock, the less possibility a criminal has of bypassing with techniques such as lock-picking, lock bumping, and, making an impression of the lock.

Yes, professionals can pick all locks, yet you don’t want common criminals to have the option also of opening your lock. The more complex the lock cylinder, the fewer individuals will even attempt to beat your security covertly.

Metal Content

metal content

How robust is your lock? Well, it depends on the amount of metal it uses in its parts. Usually, the installer needs to remove the content of the entryway so the door lock can fit. It needs holes to be bored and cross-bored, leaving the entryway vulnerable around the lock equipment. There are products that secure an entryway with added metal content. However, look for a high-security entryway lock that brings a lot of metal content.

You can usually tell the metal content of a lock by grabbing it with your hand. A heavy lock is a lock that doesn’t use wide gaps or plastic parts to reduce costs. When a company makes a lock with empty spaces or with parts molded out of plastic, it eventually costs you security. High-security locks need to have the heavy metal.

Bolt Strength

You additionally want the bolt of your deadbolt to have the option to withstand much power when applied. High-security entryway locks with robust steel bolts can withstand bludgeoning attacks (kicks, battering rams, sledgehammers, shoulder strikes, and so on.) used against the entryway. Without a robust steel bolt, these attacks would bend or snap a bolt enough that it fails.

High-security entryway locks with sturdy bolts will likewise stop cutting attacks. Burglars won’t have the option to use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw to damage the bolt enough to open the entryway.

Drill Protection

drill protection

Not like a locksmith who drill locks out of need, many criminals have figured out how to drill locks open. It is quick and appears to work faster than lock-picking. However, a criminal who encounters high-security door locks with anti-drill security measures will find out their method of entry won’t work.

There are two primary points that you need your high-security entryway locks to protect from drills. First, the set screws and second, the shear line. We can secure both points with hardened steel ball-bearings. Often, there are anti-drill plates that rotate to protect from someone who drills the shear line.

Key Control

Key control stops employees or people who have limited access to your property to have the option to duplicate a key without your permission. The best way to defend unlawful key duplication is to invest in a high-security door lock that has patented keyways. It makes access to key blanks significantly more restricted.

However, you still need to know a way to conceal your extra keys, so you don’t lose control of your keys. You also need to understand there are ways around getting patented key blanks, and approaches to cut them without the approval of the lock’s owner. What you need to comprehend is that you will have more security against key duplication.

Bypass Resistance

bypass resistance

Apparently some high-security locks can have bypass issues and some models end up giving the hallucination of security. An extraordinary case is the thumb turn bypass blunder for certain high-security euro cylinder locks.

Bypass techniques aren’t the same as lock- picking or lock bumping. They are more straightforward methods for entry, and they bypass the lock cylinders’ complexity in favor of some other weakness. Please, make sure your high-security lock has a modern bypass resistance. Some older lock models to newer have current iterations.

3 Locksmith in Miami Tips to Consider When Buying Locks for Your Home In 2020

locksmith brickell can perform new door lock installations

Today, more than ever locksmiths near me recommend changing home door locks to guarantee maximum security.

Door lock installations are one of the most essential parts of your home security that homeowner regularly ignores for security cameras.

Don’t get me wrong it is OK to connect cameras but most burglars wear masks so it’s going to be difficult to catch them. But, what if you negate the attack altogether with a high-security door lock?

So, first, consider these significant things when choosing a new door lock installation for your home.


Locksmith door locks


If you have tried to buy a lock before, you must know of the many types of locks that you can buy today.


  • Deadbolts
  • Padlocks
  • Smart locks
  • Doorknob Locks
  • Levers
  • Electric locks


Wow, there are plenty of security choices that fill many kinds of purposes. But, make sure to buy the most suitable lock according to the purpose you want it to solve.


For example, while the door lever lock is incredible for inside doors, a high security deadbolt lock works better for exterior door security.


Check the door locks security grading

While most high-security door locks bring security grade accreditation, yet most homeowners aren’t aware of this feature.

Knowing the security level and strength of a lock, these security ratings can help homeowners determine how well your lock can keep your home secure before failing.

Therefore, find out the security grading of your lock to ensure that you are buying the right door lock. One that works perfectly for the level of security and performance that you expect.


Residential Lock Installation in Miami

high security door locks in Miami store

It is significant to know how you will install the lock before getting it for your home or apartment.

For example, if you want a cheap lock anyone can install, you may get ones that don’t require any complicated tools for installation.

Yet, it isn’t smart to compromise on your security by installing a cheap lock that while you can install it easily, it will give way when attacked by an intruder.

I recommend that your door lock installation in Miami gets accomplished by a professional locksmith Brickell to guarantee that they work correctly.

It is smart to do your research while you’re visiting a locksmith in Miami store buying a home door lock. You can ensure the best high-security lock will protect the things you value the most including your family.

Keep in mind, even a slip-off in picking the wrong locking system can compromise your home security and exposing you and your family to potential intruders.

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