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Top Door Lock Problems and Fixes – Plus Maintenance Tips

Having door lock problems well, our Locksmith Miami, Florida experts recommend quality locksmith services to give your door locks the great assistance they merit. 

Often, our front door locks are not immune to issues that could bring the accumulation of grime and dirt. Plus the simple issues of the changing Florida climate, including corrosion problems or rust. Other problems, you may find your lock sticking or old, or your key could become stuck. 

Below, our locksmiths near me will investigate some quick and efficient fixes for your door lock problems

Top door lock problems to know about

top door lock problems to know about

Warping – Changing climate conditions can cause warping to your door and their frames can change shape because of the effects of heat and water. This may prevent the locking points from engaging. 

Seized lock – A seized lock occurs when you can insert the key but doesn’t turn. This happens because the lock is being blocked with dirt and grime. To unblock the seized lock, you should clean and lubricate it. 

Damage key – A new cut key probably won’t fit in a lock when it was ineffectively cut, or has harsh edges that need filling. A damaged key could likewise get stuck in the door lock and snapped off if the operator uses excessive force while attempting to turn it. 

Slow lock – This problem likely happens when grime and dirt have collected in your lock for a long time. Also, a stiff, slow turn could prompt a key getting jammed in the lock. 

Worn lock – Locks become worn after some time when people don’t maintain them correctly. Your lock could be faulty if the key just turns halfway, or the lock catches or stops during the opening. Likewise, pay attention to extreme tarnish, rust, or other noticeable signs of wear. 

Door lock won’t shut- An entryway will often not lock if the latch bolt doesn’t appropriately aligned with the strike plate on the doorframe. If you can’t see the misalignment, ask an expert to explore the problem.

How to deal with faulty door locks?

In the first place, check the key. Make sure you’re using the right key. Or check if the key that you have recently cut using a key cutting service appears right. If you know for sure that the key isn’t the issue, you can use a few straightforward products to lubricate the lock and remove the debris. 

When the problem isn’t severe, squirt some dry lubricants like graphite to fix the most common door lock issues. Join the red applicator to the can nozzle, which permits you to penetrate deep into the inner mechanisms of the lock, and insert the straw far inside. 

Give the item a couple of minutes to break any dirt and dust, then slide your key in and out of the lock to know how it easily moves. When there is no resistance, your door lock fix has been fruitful. Never try to fix door lock problems with inferior or unsuitable oils that are not for home improvements. For example, cooking oil and botanical oils will bring in more dirt and dust which can build layers on the locking mechanism and will leave you needing an emergency door lock repair

When you have a stuck key in the lock, wiggle it back and forth, then attempt and pull it out with a pair of pliers. For a door latch that doesn’t close, fix the hinge screws, then adjusts the strike plate by loosening its screws and moving it a little. 

If these methods don’t fix your door lock problems, you will require an expert locksmith. 

Preventative measures to prevent wear and tear on your door locks

preventative measures to prevent wear and tear on your door locks

The most ideal method to prevent door lock problems is by keeping them clean. Just use a moist cloth to wipe the outside surface of your locks at least two times every year to keep them free from dirt and dust. Try not to use an abrasive, petroleum, or oil-based cleaners as these may damage the lock’s exterior finish. 

Inspect the condition of your door, which should always look hung to keep locks functioning. If it falls without being inside the frame, this increases pressure and could prompt door lock issues. Also, oil the hinges to keep the door from slamming, which can harm the equipment and leave you needing a door lock fix. 

The keys for your locks will usually wear before the lock does. So, have them replaced and attempt to cut copy keys from the original one to keep your key from getting stuck in the lock. 

Call a locksmith service for your door lock problems

Always ensure you depend on reliable locksmiths to fix the most genuine door lock problems. Although you can fix the small issue yourself, your local locksmith should resolve the serious lock problems. 

They can replace worn parts with extra lock parts and reinstall your lock for you. So, you can appreciate true serenity knowing that your house is again secured by a trained locksmith. Need more info, then click to read our deadbolt lock replacement tips?

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