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Top Car Key Issues Drivers Face Daily

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Every day, drivers face car key issues that come out of nowhere or, often, are self-inflicted, like using an old worn key. You can smack the keys, but you can make things even worse.

Whether you have a car with a standard key or use a keyless entry vehicle system, many things can cause a car lockout or make it not start. 

Before hiring a Locksmith near Miami, please research the situation to save time and cash. Usually, the car key doesn’t work because of the following issues:


Damaged Keys and Key Fob Battery Issues

Nissan Car Key Replacement

First, I suggest checking the batteries if you can’t figure out why your car door won’t open. Your car door cannot remotely open if the key fob’s batteries are dead or low on power. Unfortunately, most car owners don’t check the batteries in their key fobs before calling a locksmith service. Perhaps you can save time and money if you check your key fobs first.


Then again, the broken key can blame for your car’s doors not opening. Standard or metal car keys will eventually wear and will need a car key replacement service. Car drivers usually mishandle traditional automobile keys and place them into their wallets, empty compartments, and even the car’s pocket. 


Additionally, keys frequently fall on the concrete floor at malls or driveways, which causes them to chip, bend, or even break, rendering them unusable. Please call a licensed auto locksmith for a dependable mobile car key replacement service.


Related Problems and Internal Key Fob Damage


Top car key issues will always occur if your keyless entry or the key fob has internal damage. Notably, the wires or connectors inside the key fob tend to deteriorate over time, preventing the vehicle from starting. This issue can make it impossible for you to get in the car.

Also, if your automobile key is not programmed, you won’t use it. Similar to internal damages to a key fob, your vehicle wouldn’t unlock the automobile if there is an issue with its programming or if it has not been programmed. A quality mobile locksmith can cut and program your keys regardless of your key brand and model.


Using a Copy Key


Perhaps you requested a copy key from a locksmith, who even correctly programmed the transponder key. Your key might not function in either scenario. If you duplicate from the same car key too many times, it can lead to faults in even a well-copy key, mainly if it’s not the original. 

For instance, if a copy of a copy is used to create a new key, this key may not function because there are many differences from the original key. So instead of having copies created from copies, try making them from your car’s original key.

Poor Key Duplication Services

Car Key issues

Regrettably, not all locksmith professionals can duplicate high-quality automobile keys. Duplication of automobile keys of poor quality wastes time and money. Therefore, before choosing a locksmith professional, we suggest you conduct some research. 


Instead, hire a reputable and reasonably priced locksmith company that has provided excellent key replacement services for many years.

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