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Top 5 Access Control Systems

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If you are not technically savvy like me, I’m sure you would like me to start this article by explaining what an access control system is! You might not even know the locksmith companies near me are some of the best at installing these systems.

An access control system (ACS) is a security system that manages and controls who or what has access to the system, environment, or facility. An access control system identifies entities that have access to a controlled device or facility based on the validity of their credentials.

Where and why is an access control system used?

High-security areas, such as data centers, government/military institutes, and similar facilities use access control system.

The main purpose of this system is to secure access to classified information to anyone who has permission to access such information.

How does it work?

An access control system manages, monitors and controls human access to the protected equipment or facility. Most access control systems take a user-provided credential and verify or authenticate privileges using the access control list and grant/deny access based on the findings. WHAT? In simple English, an access control system works by receiving information from different credentials, it could be fingertips, voice recognition, focal or even a badge. What it does next is to compare and match information from a database, if the information compared matches the one on the database, access is giving. In the event that the information does not match, they won’t have access.

There are many access control systems on the market, and it is very hard to determine which ones are the best five systems, however, in this article, we have attempted to choose 5, based on the following criteria:

  • Security technology, system type, and credential options
  • Access reporting, visitor management, and time tracking
  • Installation requirements, installation ownership, and maintenance
  • Customer support, training availability, and self-service documentation

IP Systems – Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud-based access control is a type of system that works with the internet to manage the access of individuals or entities who have unrestricted permission to different security systems, for example, a badge may provide all the information needed for a cloud-based system to search, compare and match the information in order to unlock a door remotely.


ADT is an international company that provides electronic safety and security solutions to residential units mainly. Its main purpose is to make home spaces safe from a variety of elements (burglars, natural disasters like fires, floods, etc.) Additionally, ADT can manage emergency contact information for you.

Bosch Security Systems

Is a worldwide company that specializes in security and communications products such as video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection, and voice alarms. A variety of access control panels connect to the cloud making Bosch an IP access system. Bosch also works with magnetic contacts and mounts, professional access control software, readers, and access cards. Readers are designed to read PINs, biometric credentials, and proximity cards.

S2 Security Systems

S2 Security offers advanced physical security solutions for the modern office as it retains access to databases, classified information, and sensitive programs. S2 has manufactured systems for the government, intelligence offices like the FBI and the CIA. The best feature about S2 security systems is that assures the access control capabilities function during network outages – a period when a power supply or other service is not available or when equipment is closed down.

IDenticard Systems Access Control

IDenticard is popularly known for creating and distributing customized ID badges and credentials for employees which can be used for access control. They usually focus but it is not limited to working with businesses such as banks.

How does it work?

ID badge designs grant the badge access to your employees to specific doors.

Mobile Access Credentials

Mobile access credentials are the most recent solution to secure and controlled access. The benefits of these modern, mobile credentials include convenience, increased security, and remote control of a physical location.

Most mobile credentials work with Bluetooth low energy to authenticate a phone and grant access to the visitor. Access is usually managed in the cloud with one primary administrator to grant and revoke mobile credentials. Usually, the types of accesses that it proves are to secured smart doors. I hope this post helps you decide on which system is right for you.

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