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Top 10 Locksmith Tools For Beginners

These ten locksmith tools are for anyone that might want to unlock their cars or residence themselves or for a beginner locksmith. You might not need them all but just a few might save you a lot of stress and money one day. So let’s begin with our cool list!

  1. Tweezers – Tweezers made for locksmiths are grooved at the end so you can pick up things such as pins. They are basically an extension of your hand when you need to do some re-keying.
  2. Followers  We are not talking about Instagram or Facebook followers here, followers in the locksmith world are useful to help you re-key a pin-tumbler. A favorite of mine is the HPC follower set, this one will probably work for 95% of the locks out there.
  3. Cap Removal ToolThis tool can be helpful for removing the end cap of a lot of deadbolts, you can use an end of a pick but that’s a slow process. Invest in a cap removal tool it will pay itself in the time you save.
  4. Hand-held scope We tend to work in tight spots as locksmiths and sometimes is impossible to see with our regular vision in tight places. I recommend that you buy a LED technology scope if you can to put more light and make your work easier.
  5. Kwikset cylinder removal tool If you are working on kwiksets, this is a must have tool without it is difficult to re-key a lock.
  6. Key gauge tool This tool helps you when you don’t know the combination when re-keying locks.
  7. Shims – Padlock shims are designed for use on padlocks, they are simple and inexpensive but a must for any beginner. They are used mainly to take apart a lock when not having a key.
  8. Pick sets A simple set of picks is all you need when starting, the most popular picks are diamond, rake and hook pick. It’s up to you to pick flexible or rigid picks.
  9. Pinning Mat Use these mats to keep your pins when in a van or car secure so they won’t spill on the floor and make a mess.
  10. Pin kitA lab pin kit can help you re-key 95% of residential and commercial locks around.

So there you have it, if you are a beginner these are a few locksmith tools you will need to get things started in locksmithing.

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