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Top 10 Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen and Tips On How To Protect Your Car

Luxury or not, a stolen car is a devastating feeling

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One of the worst experiences you can have is getting your precious car stolen. As a local locksmith working in Miami for a long time from stories my clients near me have told me through the years. We might assume that flashier cars get targeted more by robbers, but that’s not necessarily the case. Let’s get into our very own list here at Caraballo locksmith Miami.

10. Chevrolet Impala – This car has been a staple in the urban scene for a long time. The Impala has been a legend in the low rider scene for a long time.

9. Dodge Caravan – We all know a soccer mom that drives the kids in one of these and we didn’t think thieves would be interested in this van but nothing is off limits to these crooks.

8. Nissan Altima – My second car was a Nissan Altima when I was just eighteen years old, and yes, my Altima was stolen but a few months later recovered.

7. Toyota Corolla – We surely couldn’t have this list without a Toyota. This is the first one on the list, but trust me, there’s more.

6. Dodge Ram – Powerful and rugged, they’re often seen as the perfect type of car to get away in.

5. Toyota Camry – The Camry seems to make this list every year, you would think for a car that a lot of older folks drive that it wouldn’t be so targeted.

4. Chevrolet Silverado– Another truck comes in, and we got to Chevy’s.

3. Ford F-Series – Our first Ford model.

2. Honda Civic – This car is used a lot for street races, and people tend to soup it up.

1. Honda Accord – It comes as a no surprise the Honda Accord has hit this list like forever. The 1996 model is the favorite among thieves.

Now my tips on how to prevent your car from being stolen:


Car theft in dark places


  • Park your car inside your fence if you can or inside a garage. Car thieves are always looking for the easiest cars. If your car is outside, that makes it easier for them.
  • Buy an alarm, yes as common sense as this sounds a lot of people won’t invest on an alarm.
  • If you really can’t buy an alarm at this time, the next best thing is to put a sticker that says you do, like a viper logo to fool potential robbers. Think about them as home security signs that deter thieves, but for your car.
  • The club Steering Wheel Lock, one of my all-time favorites, in my experience my cars with the club have never been stolen before.
  • If possible avoid fancy rims or stereo systems if you can’t protect your car with any of these other tips.
  • A manual transmission car is less likely to make it out since a lot of people can’t drive stick in the U.S
  • Don’t leave your keys where anybody can take them.

Hopefully, these simple but proven tips can help you keep your beloved automobile in your possession.

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