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The Top Storefront Security Tips To Ward Off Burglars

the top storefront security tips to ward off burglars

Locksmith in Miami professionals knows all company owners in the Metro Miami area will always have to protect their storefront from a break-in. Whether you run a storefront, an office building, a resort or a restaurant, guarding your stock and keeping your workers safe should be a top priority.

Insurance could protect your loses, but robberies remain a considerable nuisance and represent a hazard to integrity and the achievement of your company. And of course to your workers’ safety and psyche.

Every merchant should know that there are running a small enterprise that is cash oriented. Even banks with their security deterrents get attacked which means the storefronts will need more protection to withstand a break-in. Therefore, it’s a brilliant move to take into account the ways to protect your business.

Having a plan could help you specify a strategy that will aid to keep your customers, goods, and your cash secure. So Miami Locksmith experts have come up with a few recommendations that will protect your business or help avoid a break-in:

Install high-security door locks

install high security door locks

Locksmiths in Miami experts have always said your door locks are the gateway to your storefront and you’ll need to invest in high-security deadbolt locks to keep entrances secure. There are numerous commercial door lock types that retailers could pick from including smart locks, deadbolts, and, knob locks to name a few.

The choice that you select will depend upon the location, the number of security issues you have, and, the foot traffic that you will encounter on a particular day.

Most the attention needs to be for the point of entrances. Installing high-quality commercial locks would be the ideal approach to prevent unwanted guests. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should keep interior doors without a lock as it would create a security issue inside.

Fortify windows and glass

Usually, most storefronts have windows or glass which makes them easy targets so it would help to reinforce those components. Installing window security bars, security grills or by using security window security film you will fortify your window glass. These devices or features are set up to make it even more challenging for the windows to get manipulated by criminals.

Most thieves make the most of glass and windows by attacking them with rocks or striking them with a metal bar. Imagine if there was a burglar able to walk up to your store’s window and break it and take everything including cash from your display and walk off like it was the most natural thing they could ever do. Well, these are the situation you will want to prevent, and these tips should remind you of home security tips as the door and windows are top spots criminals attack first.

Properly position surveillance cameras

properly position surveillance cameras

Using surveillance cameras is just another way to fortify your storefront safety. Installing security cameras, and putting them in the right vantage points, could help you track events or scare off burglars from even attempting. Many business owners overlook the help of security cameras as a safety measure because they appear like a passive security measurement.

However, a well-placed security camera’s helps strengthen a storefront and deter a thief from trying to attack the store. In case of any unauthorized access, or a matter of a crime, then your camera footage will help apprehend the perpetrators. You could use cameras to record employee theft too.

Key access control

Track and protect access to rooms inside the business with key access management. These security feature limit employees or clients access to restricted rooms while allowing the correct people to enter. It helps prevent what people can take or hide once inside including workers or shoppers. Furthermore, eliminate the many administrating keys, so decreasing the hassle of workers forgetting to lock-up at night.

Keep the lights on to ward off burglars

keep the lights on to ward off burglars

Many small business owners keep the interior of the shops well-lit to stop burglaries from occurring but forget lighting during the night.

By maintaining the parking lot and outside lights on you are going to scare thieves off.

For storefronts, keep a couple of lights lit during the night inside, and make sure you have plenty of outdoor motion-sensing lights to discourage burglary. Motion sensor lights will help your electricity bills.

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3 thoughts on “The Top Storefront Security Tips To Ward Off Burglars

  1. Thank you for your tip to keep the lights on at night to deter burglars from breaking in. Last week a burglar broke into my store and now I need a new storefront. I’ll be sure to leave the lights on after I get new windows installed.

  2. I appreciated your advice to install security cameras at the right location to scare off robbers and allow you to look at the footage afterward if something does happen. In December, my friend from high school opened up a computer store in Pasadena, CA. She is looking for ways to up her security, so I’ll recommend she look into more cameras and maybe hiring security guards in Pasadena, CA.

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