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The Future of Keyless Door Locks Looks Great

the future of keyless door locks looks great

Keyless door locks of the future look great and protect properties when installed by an expert Locksmith in Miami, FL. This is good news for homeowners and business owners alike. Any homeowner will comment that the greatest concern is keeping their home secured. However, doing so has gotten increasingly difficult throughout the years as intruders have gotten smart and more creative.

Criminals may not be James Bond, but they can still enter a well-secured home. Fortunately, the security industry and Miami locksmith near you have kept thinking of new innovations to increase security and safety for homeowners and their families. Remember when high-tech home security systems were only seen in movies? Well, not anymore since now things have changed.

Lock makers have caught up with the future. They’ve been keeping close to the most recent lock trends so you can secure your property from burglars.

Keyless Door Locks

keyless door locks

Often, people get stuck outside their entryway on a dark knight looking for their keys. For anyone trying to get inside the comfort of their home, you know how disappointing a lockout can be late at night. However, a keyless deadbolt lock gives people a different opening option to traditional keys. Numbered keypads, for example, offer an incredible option to enter a home with traditional key lock equipment. Only insert your code into the keypad to open the door’s deadbolt for easy entry instead of trying to find a physical key.

The odds of a burglar finding the right key code are slim or none, making it an incredible method of protecting your home with both innovation and equipment. Also, you can set your codes to expire on a particular day or time. You can even set it to expire if someone enters the erroneous code a few times throughout the day. If you expect visitors, you can text them a temporary code they’ll use to access and exit your home.

It offers convenience while ensuring your home stays secure. The advantages of using numbered keypads in your entryway locking system can work marvelously. Also, a few keyless door locks installation work with cards, for example, the ones that you have used at a hotel.

Remote Keyless Door Lock Systems

Cell phones have become the salvation of the high-tech world. Individuals use their smartphones to shop online from food to laptops, explore the web to find new information on anything. It shouldn’t surprise you that wireless technology now plays a key role in our home security systems. Today, there are applications you can install to monitor your home remotely.

You can remotely lock and open your deadbolts from anywhere—you don’t even need to be there. You can also connect your smartphone to your smart lock using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth innovation. To open the lock, you only need to approach your door and hold your cell phone up to it.

Unless you’re dealing with a clever intruder who can hack into your Wi-Fi lock, it will ruin the normal intruder who appears with lock-picking tools.

Biometric Door Locks

biometric door locks

Biometric door locking was once only seen in James Bond movies or Sci-Fi. Presently, it is a reality. People can easily use and work with it by creating secure credentials using fingerprints or eye retina patterns.

These are almost impossible to defeat. You become the key to your door. Biometric door locks offer unbeatable security and give you the fastest methods for getting inside your home or business. You place your finger or palm on a scanner, and you’re inside. It’s much easier than looking for your physical keys.

You can include your biometric locks with your home security system and control them using your cell phone application or your laptop. You can add, erase, or change your saved bio-credentials like keyless door locks.

Traditional door locks

Traditional door locks require a physical key. The good thing about traditional locks is that people can use the key to enter without worrying about the batteries dying like electronic locks. That way, you won’t need to stress over being locked out of your home if the batteries run out while you’re away.

Having a physical key lock system makes it safer for individuals who have doubts about the security features of keyless systems. 

However, even with new, added burglar-resistant features, a traditional lock still needs maintenance and replacement after some time. If you need a keyless door lock upgrade or a traditional lock changed, our Miami Locksmiths can do it plus much more.

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