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Locksmith Scam Top Dangers

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If you have experienced a locksmith scam before, you know it is never nice, no matter the money lost amount, as it’s more about the feeling of being suckered. Unfortunately, people have fallen to scams, particularly during emergencies, and our Miami Dade locksmith feels for you. 

People frequently go through trauma during emergencies and feel flustered, which means people don’t think as clearly as possible. Regrettably, emergencies like car lockouts and home burglaries are an excellent chance for scammers to strike. So how to avoid being scammed when you need a locksmith? 

If you or somebody you know has encountered such a trick, these few tips should help you stay away the next time you need to hire a locksmith to deal with a home, business, or auto security problem. 

How do Locksmith Scammers Work?

locksmith scammers huring professional locksmiths

Locksmith scammers will regularly use your emergency to make a profit. Usually, scammers pay for ads that show up at the highest point of your Google search. 

Since you’re anxious to get back inside your vehicle, you don’t research the company or locksmith as you ordinarily would. 

For instance, if you need a local locksmith on Google, you may look for “best locksmiths near me.” From there, you’d likely look at specific sites, read reviews, and ask for two or three quotes. 

However, it’s a different story when you experience a car lockout in the middle of nowhere. We understand you need assistance quickly, so you click on the first ad that guarantees the help you need. 


How does the Locksmith Scam Start and Finish? 


Suppose you click on the top advertisement that appears in your search. Remember, not all locksmiths are scammers. However, it is something to know about when you click on the top result. So, you may click on an ad that promises the services your looking for and guarantees fast help. You mention to them the situation, and they give you an estimate and advise you to wait a few minutes for their locksmith. 

When the locksmith arrives, it’s usually an unmarked vehicle. After,  the quote the operator provides you is not valid for whatever reason. They know that you need assistance, and the cost just went up. 

What happens when you don’t want their services? First, they’ll tell you that you must pay a service or trip fee. By then, you realize you must pay them cash regardless if they don’t do anything. So defeated, you consent to their services since you want to get inside your car and head home. 

Often, the scam ends here, but on different occasions, you’re not as fortunate. On not-so-lucky days, fake locksmithing is frequently done by amateurs who can damage your vehicle or door during the job. 


Pay Attention to the Bait and Switch Scam


Don’t allow yourself to be scammed out of your cash with the bait and switch trick. For example, the scammer locksmith gives you a small price by the operator or face-to-face for a home or vehicle lockout but charges you more once they finish the job for reasons you don’t understand. 

Ensure you get a fair detailed estimate and straightforward and complete price quotes. Moreover, ask the locksmiths to specify if they need to perform any extra tasks, repair, or part replacement that were not part of the job description you have agreed upon.

Thus, they won’t have any reason to charge you more than the estimate. Plus, you can avoid falling into their scam and successfully prevent a locksmith bait and switch scam


Avoid a Locksmith Scam with Caraballo

hire a locksmith near you before DIY

Fortunately, at Caraballo Liberty Locksmith, we do things the right way. So, yes, we are a trusted locksmith business in Miami, FL. It’s our mission to ensure you have the facts needed to defend yourself from untrusted locksmith scammers.

When you decide to work with us, we get things done the right way. Emergency or not, we ensure that you get the help you merit. If you need a 24-hour locksmith in Coral Gables to assist with a car or home lockout, or only want to rekey your locks or need a home safe, our locksmith specialists would be happy to help.

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