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Smart Door Locks Will Help Keep Children Safe at Home

residential smart locks

Many homeowners have changed their regular deadbolt locks to smart door locks in their homes for many safety reasons. However, with many burglary incidents occurring, no house is protected, particularly with children inside.

Being bright about home security comes naturally to adults because we know what’s going on globally. Regrettably, for children, it doesn’t. Good habits, for example, closing and locking the entryway; being wary of strangers, etc.

So, a straightforward but excellent tip is to show them the essentials of home security. Or you can also hire Coral Way Locksmiths to install a smart door lock with the video feed. More on this later.

Let’s start with some simple tips?


Lock the House Door Locks

keep door locked

In the first place, remind the children always to lock the door each time they enter the house. However, children often fail to remember this step, so consider changing your door lock. Consider installing a single cylinder deadbolt lock as the solution if you still like traditional locks. When using a single-cylinder lock, the door will stay locked from the outside whenever the door closes.

The lock doesn’t need a key from within to lock/open. Instead, it uses a thumb-turn-style lever to open. If you have mature children or kids with smartphones, consider installing smart door locks. Thus, you get notices the second they show up at home from school.


Smart Door Locks Keyless Convenience


No parent needs their children to experience a home lockout, yet you don’t trust them with a key. Often, our children have too much on their minds or are immature to hold a set of keys. Or they distract easily or lose stuff like adults. So the keys can easily fall out of the backpack. However, you won’t need to hide keys under the fake rock with smart door locks anymore. No more stressing over the children waiting for you to arrive from work.

Keyless convenience comes in many forms, including allowing your kid to use the lock’s keypad at the door. Another great point a smart door lock provides for your home network is that it will enable you to control your lock remotely from any place. Everyone expects to come home simultaneously, but it seems like nobody returns simultaneously.

With individuals entering and exiting throughout the day, you can use your smartphone to open the entryway for trusted friends and family who can help watch your children. Remember, if your kid loses a key or fails to remember their code, you can give them access with your smartphone at any time as well.


Smart Door Locks have Scheduling Features


If you have sitters or grandparents who watch your children after school, some smart locks can help make this easier. Our best Brickell Locksmiths can install the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt as it can keep up to 100 access codes. So everyone, from paid babysitters to Grandma, can have their unique code, and you can track who entered your home and when.

When you provide codes to your children’s guardians, you can set the codes to function with a specific schedule. For instance, if you need the sitter to come between 7 and 11 a.m., you can schedule their code to work only during those week hours.


Locks offer Significant Serenity


Each parent will always stress over children. Nobody can’t stop that; however, we can help improve their security and safety. With a connected Smart Door Lock Home application, you can monitor who uses their code and when straight from your cell phone.

Plus, you can get push notifications when someone uses the code or check the activity log to see when your children returned home from school or an errand. You’ll be grateful for that significant serenity when you don’t need to stress over your children not being safe anymore.


Stranger Danger Tips

Children home door safety tips

You’d imagine that not answering strangers’ calls or knocks is natural in kids. Yet, it’s not.


  • Encourage your kids not to answer any stranger knocks or questions on the door.
  • More significantly, to not open the door to see who is on the other side, even if they know them.
  • Keep in mind that children tend to learn quickly from smartphones and computers.
  • Always keep your emergency numbers nearby so they can call for help.


If you think this habit is difficult to break, install a video doorbell with your smart lock. Like this, children and the elderly will know who is outside and can do it safely. Tell them the best way to access the live feed on the mobile application.

Contact Caraballo Liberty Locksmith today for assistance, and if a child experiences a home lockout and only speaks Spanish, don’t worry; we also speak Spanish; search cerrajeria near me.

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