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Sliding Glass Door Locks and Upgrades That Homeowners Can’t Ignore

sliding glass door locks and upgrades that homeowners can't ignore

Sliding glass door locks and security upgrades installed by Miami Locksmiths can prevent a patio glass door break-in. Many homeowners have beautiful sliding glass doors. These doors let an abundance of natural light and make it simple to go outside to your lawn, deck, or balcony. The drawback of glass doors are one the straightforward entry to your home that they provide to an undesirable burglar who wants to enter your home.

I know that security is significant to your home security, but you also like to enjoy a good view of the outdoors. However, some doors particularly sliding glass doors just don’t give the most ideal security.

Because most sliding doors don’t bring sturdy locks and usually come fitted with a handle that is latched onto the frame. Making these doors an easy target for a burglar and with minimal effort.

Fortunately, a mobile locksmith in Miami can easily install a sturdy lock on your sliding glass doors, which immediately makes it more secure.

Sliding glass door weaknesses

sliding glass door weakness

Yes, I would say the glass first, but a typical burglar doesn’t want to make a mess, noise or cut themselves since the noise will alert the neighbors and the police and prosecuted if they leave blood behind. So, that leaves the locks but no, most factory sliding glass door lock come with weak latches.

Yes, even rookie burglars can easily beat installed latches. Often, they lift the door off its track, which rarely requires tools or make noise.

Before you leave your home, ensure this latch works by closing the door, locking it and after attempting to pull it open. When the door moves, the latch isn’t catching the door correctly or is coming free from the frame. Consider fixing or replace it right of way or hire an expert impact door installer to ensure the frame is level and secure.

Sliding glass door lock installation

Not all locks provide security. Besides the fact that quality varies across brands, but lock specifications differ too. So, to give total security, you need to install the right sliding glass door lock properly. Our Miami Locksmiths will install the lock that we recommend professionally, the most ideal lock for the job.

You can combine Ideal Security’s SK808BL Flush Mount Handle Set with Ideal’s SK807 Locking Cylinder. Besides allowing you to lock and open your sliding doors from both sides, the SK807 lock offers higher security over the standard sliding glass door lock.

Install a slide-locking bar

The slide-locking bar sounds strange and difficult, however, it’s only a thick wood dowel or metal bar, cut to fit in the bottom track of your entryway. When locking your home at night or going out for an errand, just fit the dowel or metal bar into the track. This prevents the door from being opened, regardless if the latch gets damaged or removed.

Door tracks and rollers maintenance

door tracks and roller maintenance

One obvious issue with sliding glass doors is the lack of maintenance owners give it. Most sliding glass doors move on plastic rollers, but when these become damaged they won’t move easily and a burglar can more easily lift the door off its tracks. Now, if your door isn’t moving correctly, lift it out of the track and clean any debris, grime, and dirt — both can make the track and the roller to worsen.

If, after cleaning, the door still won’t move correctly, you can adjust the size of the rollers. Clean tracks and tightly fitting rollers can keep a criminal from easily lifting the door off its track, bypassing any lock you have set up.

Install a commercial locking item

You may likewise need to consider a commercial sliding glass door lock from our locksmith shop. These locks include one or two locking systems that attach to the closure point on your entryway and have steel bolts that drop into place.

You can install it at any height on your door and are adjustable, which means they can either improve or replace a current latch lock.

As a last resort, replace your sliding glass door

as a last resort replace your sliding glass door

This can be an expensive way to improve sliding glass door lock security. However, a new sliding door installed by professionals can be the right solution. This replacement offers better protection besides the higher energy efficiency which means saving on your energy bill.

Consider hiring a door security expert like Caraballo Liberty Locksmith to improve your patio door security. We can install any lock and we can drive to your location because we are mobile.

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