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Sliding Glass Door Lock Services Securing Residential Patio Doors

sliding glass door lock installation

Our sliding glass door lock services can assist with installing a quality lock on your patio doors, and it will improve the security of your home. 

Sliding glass doors and French doors are an excellent addition to any home. However, they’re not without risks. Since they can be challenging to secure, they pose a security issue, mainly against intruders and keeping young children inside. 

Yet, having a sliding glass door in your home doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your security. In all honesty, you can make increase the security of your patio doors. Something you can easily do to guarantee the security of your sliding glass door is to install a top-quality sliding glass door lock

Our locksmith can provide a sliding glass door lock replacement, besides adding deadbolt locks to your windows and doors. 

But, before the assistance, we’ve found three ways to secure your patio doors without sacrificing the home’s look. 


Think about Covering your Sliding Glass Doors 

Many people love the natural light and view their sliding glass doors let in. However,  it’s those views that make these doors dangerous. They offer a significant view inside your home so anybody can see what you have and what may merit taking. The issue worsens because most sliding glass doors are in patios where potential intruders can take as much time as necessary targeting out a house without anybody seeing them. 

An easy fix for this issue is covering your patio doors. Most people use vertical blinds since blinds make it difficult for intruders to see inside. However, these break easily, particularly if you have pets or children. Other choices include sliding panels or shutters that allow opening and shutting but aren’t weak as blinds. 

Panels and shutters can get pricey so, if you are on a budget or have pets or small children that can damage the items, consider using decorative window film. There are many unique varieties and allow light inside while obscuring an intruder’s view and protecting your home from their eyes. 

Install a Sliding Glass Door Lock

sliding glass door lock

The best way to secure your patio doors is with a sliding door lock. You can install these locks on top of your entryway, where the stationary glass and the sliding glass door meet. These locks function with the other door locks, and an adult or tall kid can open them. 

In addition, they make it challenging to jimmy the door open, from either inside or the outside. Some of these locks bring two locking positions: one that will lock it entirely close and the other that permits you to secure the door at 6 inches open to allow ventilation. 

Mounting these patio locks is more complicated than different items. To further enhance your sliding glass door security, you need to install a sliding glass door lock that intruders cannot bypass easily. Please, don’t do the installation yourself and contact a locksmith service. 


Sliding Glass Door Lock Repairs

patio door lock installation services

If you install a sturdy sliding glass door lock it will enhance your home’s security, correct. However, if a lock breakdown, the improved security will go to waste. That is the reason you need to respond quickly and call locksmith services when you notice that there’s a significant issue with your patio door lock and latches. 

Whatever the issue, a residential locksmith in Miami, Florida will solve the problem. Usually, there are two significant sliding glass door lock issues:

The first issue is when you can’t lock it correctly. Furthermore, if you can’t close your patio doors, criminals will have no problems entering your home. As your security weakens, you need to fix the issue out quickly as possible! 

Often, patio doors have issues when you can’t open the patio doors because of a malfunctioning lock. It can negatively affect your comfort, as it will make your sliding glass doors useless. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress; our locksmith sliding glass door services and repairs can open it quickly!

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