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Situations Where Changing Your Door Locks is a Top Priority

situations where changing your door locks is a top priority

Changing your door locks is something that many people know about, but care little for or do. It’s a significant security measure all reliable Miami Locksmiths recommend implementing for better home security. Changing your locks can keep your home safe, and an excellent way to know who has access to your home giving you that peace of mind you require to sleep well. 

There are many other situations when you should call a locksmith to get your locks changed. As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities with a property’s security and maintenance. It’s up to you to routinely check the security level of your home. Therefore, you may likewise think about changing your lock. 

As experienced residential 24-hour locksmiths in Miami, we can help you decide whether changing your door locks is the right thing your home needs. So here are a few situations where changing a door lock should be your top priority. 

Change your door lock while moving into a new house

change your door locks while moving into a new house

Moving out of a residence can upset or overwhelm anyone, so much they may disregard their new home security, for example, installing new locks on their new home

It might appear that you can delay this extra cost one month or week, but you don’t absolutely know who possesses keys to your new home. So it’s smarter to purchase new locks with better security features to protect the property from intruders. 

This is a great tip if you lease your property since it’s wiser to change the door lock each time an occupant leaves. Therefore, the new occupants will have a sense of security, while your reputation as an excellent landlord will increase. 

Change your door lock when you lose your keys

Many individuals lose their keys but will make key duplicates from their spare sets, which can help when you’re in a jam. 

However, you should change your lock first. This can eliminate the chances of your missing keys falling into the wrong hands of a random stranger. 

It’s ideal to prevent any break-in before anybody considers exploiting the lost key opportunity. 

Replace your door locks when you break up with a spouse, friend, and roommate

replace your door locks when you break up with a spouse friend or roommate

Experiencing a separation with a spouse, friend that you live with, and a roommate can be difficult, not to mention a security concern. The truth, we can predict what a bitter person may do to you, your loved ones, and valuables in a state of rage.

So an excellent idea is to change your locks on your property when you experience a bad breakup. You remove any situation where undesirable individuals may access your property to commit crimes. Usually, the break-in may happen when the occupant is away but it can escalate fast, mostly if the person is already in the house.

Your child or friend has lost a key

Often, you may need to lend or give a duplicate of your home key to a friend or your child so they can access the house when you’re not home. Sometimes the lent key can get lost and this can happen a lot. 

In these circumstances, it is a smart idea to change door locks regularly. It’s possible that someone may find the missing key and will try to enter your home. 

You encountered a break-in

you encounter a break in

If you encountered a break-in or attempted burglary, consider replacing your locks immediately. Those criminals may have made impressions of your lock and then duplicates of your keys. 

Besides, during a burglary and break-in attempt, lawbreakers may have damaged your locks that can cause lockouts and can prompt a total breakdown. 

Statistic confirms that burglars come back almost 51 percent of the times for a repeated attack in the same month.

Change your door locks when the locks get old

This situation should be the simplest to implement for obvious reasons. However, many individuals don’t know how worn or old their door lock is. If the locks still do their job even if their old, the assumption is there’s no reason to stress or to take security measures. 

Homeowners need to consider testing their locks by a local locksmith once per year. They could tell you if you need to change your lock so you don’t experience a horrendous burglary or worse. 

Locks can get damaged or debilitate by time and wear and tear, allowing burglars to attack them easier. If it been a long time, consider changing those old locks instead of letting a criminal exploit an obvious target. 

You want to change to smart locks

you want to change to smart locks

Often we want to upgrade our locks to modern ones, then consider upgrading to smart locks, conveniently controlled right from your smartphone. Want to give temporary access to your home without lending a key? 

You can give a temporary code for the lock and get a notice when someone uses that code. You can even lock the door and arm your security system too.

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