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Security Protocols That Will Help With a School Shooting


How will locksmith services help make schools safe? Hearing of the tragic Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting has us thinking of security protocols.

It’s sad and heartbreaking to see all those kids and staff who lost their lives.

Why do Midtown Locksmiths care?

Because we have children too and we believe we can help.

Although impossible to know, a shooting can occur at any school or work environment.

It pays to be ready and knows some drills ahead of time thus an opportunity for survival.

Running ought to be first, yet be prepared to hide or battle for your life if there are no escape routes.

School and private or public security authorities around the globe are re-assessing their lockdown strategies, preparing for a heart-wrenching moment.

Lockdown preventions that don’t have flaws are impossible, but some will work appropriately for individual schools.

Protocols must reflect both in the school plan and police to work.

Here, some tips for children to learn:

Report any suspicious activity both physical and emotional

Children aren’t extraordinary at handling feelings like hate, anger, and, etc.

Sometimes they state things they won’t comprehend when they get furious.

But children need to realize that if they hear a child at school saying they will slaughter another student or something awful where words are used as a treat; they should tell an educator or a parent.

To remain, safe kids, have to tell grown-ups about the likelihood that a student may accomplish something perilous.

Thus, once shooting is taking place, kids need to know wellbeing tips that can spare their lives.

Most schools have a lockdown and evacuation drills set up should a shooter wind up in the building.

I know only superheroes don’t feel fear but kids will when they get confronted with this circumstance, yet they have to realize that their lives rely upon following the directions.

They have to listen carefully as their educators or different grown-ups guide them.

Hide and keep quiet

Honestly, you must stress the rules when your child takes off to class.

Sometimes the best scenarios don’t work and if a shooter enters the building then the best advice to your kids is that it’s alright to run and stow away.

Discuss safe spots where they can hide if they isolated themselves from their class and remain hidden until an adult or police say it’s safe to come out.

Not only to keep quiet but teach them to remain calm because noise attracts predators.

And will help mask his area, ideally guarding him against any dangers amid a terrifying occasion.

Numerous lockdown drills require hiding in a bolted classroom or hiding under a desk but go with the locked class instead because sometimes the doors have no handles, so it makes entry nearly impossible.

Shooters don’t want to waste time, so they’ll move on to open spots.

Know the escape routes

exit escape routes shootings
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Insights demonstrate that children who escape from the school, nevertheless harmed or not, usually survive a school shooting.

Consequently, I’ve advised the children to escape the building by any means but if they see the shooter then run back and hide.

For instance, breaking a window with a seat or running out the exit preferably a crash bars emergency exit because the door is easy to push and when pushed right noiseless.

Tell your tyke that it doesn’t matter the circumstances but to leave the scene immediately and keep running beyond what many would consider safe.


Ask your kids to recognize all ways out from any corridor where they invest the most energy.

Mostly emergency, fire, and windows exits.

In a perfect world, design two escape courses out of the school or work, in case feedback says there blocking the door.

You could also survive a second-story fall and might get minor cuts from broken glass, or a hurt leg from a fall.

Almost 100 percent of shooters act alone; one will argue the Columbine school shooting but like I said just about all act alone.

Always be aware of anything suspicious and contact the police if something does not fit.


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