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Residential Door Lock Safety-How Burglars Enter Homes?

residential door lock safety tips

Burglars usually don’t scheme robberies like in the Movie Ocean 8, but a few attack with considerably more precision via the residential door lock. Downtown Miami Locksmiths experts realize burglars can strike even with a sound security system installed or a significant deterrent like a big dog. However, these criminals’ way of entering homes doesn’t change, much like bypassing the front door or through a locked or forgotten unlocked window.

Most people live scared of intruders (burglars) is factual, but does it have to be like that? No, it doesn’t, and with the guide below, you’ll know the top ways burglars outmaneuver residential door locks, windows, and home defenses, plus the things these criminals take too.


Opened Windows and Residential Door Lock

white door with electronic lock

It is shockingly normal that people forget to lock their doors and windows. Ensure that your windows and doors are locked before going to sleep or when you leave your home for a quick errand.

Most burglars occur during the day not at night between 10 AM and 3 PM. Remember, burglars can ransack your house in under ten minutes. Yes, even the best high-security door lock or electronic lock can amount to nothing if it’s not used correctly.


Burglars like Homes with no Alarms


If your home doesn’t have cameras or an alarm system and it’s dark, burglars can target the door locks with bypassing techniques like bumping or picking your lock. Usually, with an alarm, an intruder will think twice before attempting unlawful entry.

If you don’t have the budget for a security system, consider a smart lock with a video feed to know if someone is trying to enter via the front door. Or at least a loud barking dog.


Install a Residential Door Deadbolt Lock

deadbolt lock installations

52 percent of criminals enter through the front residential door lock and back door. A weak lock will do nothing to keep them from entering when the intruder uses brute force.

Ensure you install high-quality, sturdy, high-security deadbolts to all exterior doors to your home. I recommend single-cylinder bump proof deadbolt locks so, in case of an emergency, you can exit safely.


Sliding Patio Door needs Help!


Burglars like sliding doors since their simple to bypass. However, you can prevent a break-in by mounting a security bar or wedging a dowel rod into the track’s frame, making an obstruction that stops an easy entry.

Nevertheless, the sliding patio door latches don’t help at all. So if you have a high crime rate in your city, consider replacing the latch with a sliding patio door deadbolt lock.



Intruders frequently take advantage of enormous, obstructing trees and hideouts. At the right time, they will strike to bypass your door locks or windows. I suggest cutting trees and branches that lead into the second-floor window.

If you don’t like cutting trees, consider planting thorny or sharp plants next to your windows. Burglars aren’t dumb; they know if they cut themselves on thorny plants and leave proof like DNA, then the authorities will soon catch them.


Keep the Garage Door Shut or Closed


Most of the time, homeowners don’t give consideration to the person walking down the street, assuming that he’s/she’s a neighbor. Yet, a burglar looks like a neighbor unless you think these criminals walk around dressed in black camouflage outfits. But they can be eyeing your drill, motorcycle, or other expensive tools. Intruders know that most people don’t secure their garages in their homes, and burglars know they can exploit the garage with just a coat hanger.

That criminal is right. Many people stress over cash and jewelry getting stolen than about their power tools and bike in the carport. But, as quite possibly the most vulnerable place in your house and lucrative piece of your home, your carport is a prime objective for burglary.

How to Know whether you’re Being Targeted?


Always pay attention to your home’s surroundings and the front lawn and back patio. Some small changes can demonstrate that a burglar is casing your house.

Regularly, a criminal will mark the house to check whether anybody is home and change the mark to remind themselves to return to that house. These marks can be a missing doormat or even different things that inexplicably are left outside of your home.

Once a burglar puts a mark or thing in front of your home, then you throw away the thing, it means you’re home. It may happen daily until the criminals see that you haven’t thrown the item away, meaning your no longer home.


Top Valuables and Items Burglars Target

top items burglars steal from homes

Check below the top items criminals steal and search for when they’re inside your home!


  1. Money-Criminals like burglars, thieves, and even one time offenders love money. It’s challenging to recover from losing a lot of cash. Still, an intruder gets immediate satisfaction from it, mostly to buy drugs. Also, try not to store some money in a conspicuous placeā€”the cabinet, a small safe, side table, or leave it lying around your bedroom.
  2. Prescription drugs-Prescription drugs go far as usage, demand, and resale value. Burglars often use drugs so they know others who might like USDA approved ones simple to buy. Also, these drugs cannot be tracked by police. Also, burglars know these drugs are inside the medicine cabinet, not even locked.
  3. Jewelry-Like all of us, criminals likewise like jewelry to wear or to sell. You’ll require an innovative spot to stash them other than a simple to open jewelry box. Maybe something like a burglar-safe would work better at preventing entry. And you can even store cash too.
  4. Tech devices and hardware-PCs, smart devices, TVs, smartphones like iPhones, and other electronic things offer a superior resale value on the streets. Regrettably, since homeowners don’t consider a break-in on top of the scary list, they’re typically forgotten or left in the open.
  5. Guns-Intruders won’t mess with a gun safe or bolted cabinet. However, if they think they can bypass the lock or it’s not heavy to carry, then game on.
  6. Tools-Typically, if a hoodlum can’t get into your home, they’ll attempt the garage to get their hands on your tools. They know these tools bring a decent amount of cash.


Caraballo Liberty Locksmith can Install a Durable Residential Door Lock


Our Locksmith services in Miami cannot be beaten, contact us today and get back the peace of mind burglars have taken away.

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