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Replacing Door Locks with Keyless Entry Top Tips

replacing door locks with keyless entry

Replacing door locks with keyless entry can eliminate home lockout situations that people have experienced. You know of the feeling of dread when you hear the door close to realize the keys are on the other side of the door. Reentry may require hiring a City of Miami locksmith or breaking a window if you can’t find the hidden key.

In the past, keyless door locks were a luxury item that cost a lot of money to install and connect. However, keyless door locks have grown more common, with simple alternatives for homeowners to install and integrate with smart homes. With a keyless lock, you may quickly re-enter the house using a keypad number or fingerprint or swiping your phone.


The Pros Of Replacing Locks with Digital Keyless Entry Door Locks

Electronic door lock replacement

Digital front door lock replacements have become more affordable and common because of their comfort and security. They enable you to control entry into your home and allow you to enter without a key.

With keyless door locks, family members may enter and exit without concern about a physical key. Unlike traditional locks and keys, intruders cannot pick or bump digital entry door locks. In addition, you can control different access levels for family members who need access to enter and exit your house or for service providers who need temporary access.

You can program your digital entry door lock to work with your security system, operate it even when there is no power, and make it less likely to be manipulated. Therefore, digital entry door locks offer more convenience than traditional locks.


Are Keyless Door Locks Safe?

Yes, keyless locks can be safer than traditional locks. These electronic door locks decrease the likelihood that you’ll experience a home lockout; they will prevent you from hiding a key under the doormat that a burglar can easily find or stop you from creating numerous copy keys that you might lose.

However, keyless locks have several limitations due to their reliance on technology, whereas conventional front door locks give some choices to increase security. Nevertheless, they could be a terrific choice based on your preferences and requirements.

Finger Print Door Lock Replacements


Keypad locks and fingerprint readers are combined in one lock. The fingerprint lock features a small touchpad that reads prints and opens the door if the fingerprint is registered. The owners can share a code with people whose fingerprints they don’t wish to include.


Bluetooth-enabled Door Lock Replacements


With a paired app or fob, Bluetooth-enabled locks use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to allow entry. The fob will open the door as you enter the home, making it the perfect solution when you have groceries or are carrying a child. You don’t need to hold the fob to the lock to open the door. 

Because Bluetooth technology connects the fob, the lock, and the home’s Wi-Fi system, you can typically open these locks from an app remotely. Therefore, it gives you complete control of everyone’s entries, even while not home. Although there are connectivity issues with Bluetooth locks and the possibility of hacking, you can resolve these issues with proper security measures.


Keypad Door Lock Replacements

electronic door lock replacement

Homeowners input a code into the lock’s keypad to open the door. Consider changing the code to prevent lucky guesses. They are easy to program and use. If you select an obvious code, you will lose all pretense of security. On the other hand, keypad locks have a lot to offer with a difficult code.

There are no keys to carry or count because users can share the code with other family members. You can configure many keypad locks with temporary codes to allow entry to professional services. Some locks can limit the validation of the code for your dog walker, caretaker, and maintenance specialists. Most keypad locks run on batteries, so they are consistently functional.


Installation of Digital Keyless Door Locks


As a homeowner, you want confidence that your digital keyless entry door lock will function properly 24 hours a day to keep your home secure. Consider contacting a qualified locksmith service to install the electronic locks.

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