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Rekeying Services-Pros of Rekeying Locks

rekeying services

Rekeying services are less expensive and quicker than regularly changing your home or business’s locks. Changing locks can cost homeowners much cash, so rekeying is the more affordable solution.

A locksmith near Miami considers a durable lock the first defense line to any property. A cheap lock or a compromised lock that isn’t working can leave your significant valuables, business, or vehicle free of charge to burglaries.

Regardless if you just moved into another apartment, lost the home keys, or fired a mad worker, it’s critical to make your locks stronger. For greater security, rekeying services near me allow you to change the lock system without changing the locks.

Hiring a locksmith in Miami, FL, is essential for any exterior door lock improvements or fixes. Expert rekeying lets your locks work correctly with a new set of keys.


What are Rekeying Services Useful?


Rekeying services can open a lock and change the tumblers found in the lock cylinder to stop the current keys from working. Then, the expert locksmith removes the pins and springs inside the lock and replaces them with new springs and pins.


The lock will now only accept a new key, and the older ones will not work anymore. It’s simple for an expert locksmith near you to rekey your locks.

Why Rekey Your Locks?

lost house keys

When you’ve moved into another house or office, or even warehouse, you won’t know the number of keys that the past tenants have given or made. Not to say that these past tenants will come back to steal, but you can never be too sure, so instead, consider rekeying services in Miami.

Also, when an angry spouse or roommate has moved out of your home or lost keys scenarios, rekeying can work better to ensure the property without really changing the locks.

However, rekeying locks won’t improve security; you will only negate entry if you have cheap locks. On the other hand, rekeying services can provide your home with many years of lock services if you have a high-quality lock.

Rekeying services provide people with significant serenity.


The Pros of Rekeying Services

locksmith brickell rekeying services

The improved security is the main pro of rekeying. It’s quicker and more affordable than changing all your home or business locks.


If you need to replace various locks costing much cash, rekeying will be cheaper than changing all the locks. It’s a more affordable and faster service since the expert doesn’t need to remove all the old locks and install new ones.


When you rekey your locks, you can decide to who to give a new key. You could likewise choose to use the same key to open various locks. Like this, you don’t need to carry many keys around, and you can do the task much faster and more easily.


When can you not Rekey Locks?


When the property has broken or old locks, rekeying won’t function correctly since the lock will never be 100% secure. Changing the entire lock works better for this scenario.

When you change a lock, your locksmith removes the old locking door equipment and replaces it with new equipment. So you’ll have a new lock and keys; however, changing your locks can cost more cash. 

Change your locks when you want a new door lock, and it’s recommended when the door locks are ineffective. Often, these door locks don’t protect against forced entry techniques burglars use to attack homes. Furthermore, if your locks are old and experience wear and tear, replacing them will be better than rekeying them. Also, if you want to install a modern lock, consider replacing them with an electronic keypad lock or a smart lock. 

If all the entryways in your home have various brands of locks, you won’t open them with the same key, so consider replacing them. If you’ve lost the only key to a door lock, changing it could be less expensive than rekeying it. However, a residential locksmith can rekey it without the key but at a higher fee.

Rekeying services in Miami won’t be the solution if you want to do away with your keys. Instead, consider using an alternate lock to match your way of life.

For instance, a PIN or card reader or switch to a smart lock to change how you access your premises. Thus, you don’t have to stress about who has keys as you can easily handle access by changing the PIN or making new codes.

Cost to Rekey Locks

Many locksmiths can rekey locks. These professionals can remove and replace existing springs and pins, so that old lock keys don’t work anymore, allowing only new ones. According to the Acme Locksmiths Blog post, the cost of rekeying door locks ranges from $10-$40, plus a trip charge to perform the rekey will be around $90-125, depending on where you live. 

Many homeowners rekey locks when they purchase a home. But rekeying locks can also help if the owners lose the keys to a lock or when they’re worried that unauthorized copies of their keys exist. Moreover, rekeying lock services is cheaper than replacing an entire lock system. Lastly, you may pay more cash for extra new keys, depending on the lock or vehicle lock that needs rekeying.

If you have a cheap lock, I recommend replacing the lock instead with a durable lock. Rekeying the lock won’t increase the security of a cheap lock. Instead, these services are better for quality door locks or offices and commercial businesses with many high-level doors that need an update.


Need a Reliable Rekeying Service

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Our expert rekeying services in Miami include:


  • Straightforward and expert rekeying services.


  • Residential, auto, and business rekeying.


  • Affordable rates.


  • Mobile ready.


Don’t permit lock issues to expose your home valuables to burglary. If you need to fix any lock issues or make your locks sturdier, contact a mobile Locksmith today for help.

Our locksmith expert will inspect your lock systems. If there should arise a case of damaged locks or rekey isn’t possible, our expert can change them to a high-security lock. Need more info and tips? Read this post, Top Tips for Rekeying Locks.

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