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Pick Proof Locks and Bump Proof Locks, What’s The Difference?

pick proof locks and bump proof locks what's the difference

Quality pick proof locks and bump proof locks can prevent a sneaky burglary attack if they’re as good as advertised. Homeowners want to secure their homes against burglars to keep their families safe. Before, people were just stressed over lock picking and kick-ins, but now burglars use the technique known as lock-bumping.

Some videos on YouTube show what lock-bumping does to doors. People are getting fearful because it is so easy to bypass a cheap lock. Therefore, at Carballo Liberty Locksmith, we get a high demand for installing bump-proof locks and pick-proof models.

As a shopper, you should know about two things—when a lock offers genuine bump-proof protection and when a lock company only adds “bump proof” as a marketing tactic.

So, being aware of the finicky contrasts between bump-proof and pick-proof locks can assist you with keeping your home and family protected.

Read our locksmith near Downtown Miami. FL post below to give you knowledge on this topic and gain insight into the door lock purchase you will make!

How Does Lock Picking Work?

how does lock picking work

Lock picking has existed since the invention of locks. Locksmiths require the art of lock picking to assist homeowners, car owners, and business owners with accessing their property when they have lost their keys (or lockout). It wasn’t logical to design an unbeatable lock since people frequently lose keys. So locksmiths made it so they could do what was needed.

The assumption back then, made by locksmiths, is that regular criminals couldn’t do the task of “picking” a lock. In simple terms, picking a lock involves using the tools to manipulate the lock’s internal components so the user renders the locking component useless.

In pin and tumbler locks, the user moves the pins and holds them in the same position the key would force them to open the lock. Many tools nowadays can pick a lock, including hairpins.

Some countries have strict laws about possessing lock-picking tools. However, in many nations, they are straightforward to get.

What is Lock Bumping?

You can call lock picking an art; however, lock bumping is more abrupt and significantly simpler to enter illegally into your home with little noise.

The technique of lock bumping usually involves using a “bump key.” Bumping a lock leaves no traces of a forced entry attack. This technique bypasses most pin-and-tumbler lock designs; most people use those on residential doors.

Also, you can make bump keys with only a couple of household tools. People use these keys with a bump hammer, rubber hammer, or screwdriver to force the key into the keyhole. The fast movement of the bump key causes all the pins to rise, permitting the lock to open.

Today, you can find many places or sites where you can find information on making bump keys, for example, Google search.

Regrettably, bump keys aren’t challenging to get since they are tools of the Locksmithing trade, making this practice somewhat sneakier since criminals use the same devices locksmiths use to help people experiencing a lockout.

Pick Proof Locks Installation

pick proof locks

The only pick-proof locks that exist are those that don’t need a key at all. To get a 100% pick-proof lock, consider purchasing an electronic lock that features biometrics or enters a PIN code. However, if you still want to use a traditional lock and key, some quality locks are available today.

Please search for a lock with an added set of tumblers since this makes picking more challenging. Yes, I said, more complicated but not impossible for trained professionals since there’s a set of tumblers that an expert can lock pick with the correct tools.

When you don’t know what to search for, you can find proof in the name of the lock. Lockmakers know that you want to be careful about home security. Therefore, they fully publicize that it protects the tumbler from attacks.

Bump Proof Locks

bump proof locks

A 100% pick-proof traditional locks don’t exist since if there’s a keyhole, there could be an approach to manipulate the tumblers. However, bump-proof locks are a little straightforward to gain for the consumer, partly because of their design.

Bump-proof locks are made differently than their pick-proof partners in that they can have keyholes, but the aim for the locksmith is different—it needs to shield against bump keys, not picking tools. You could also install a smart lock with no keyhole to protect your doors from lock bumping and lock-picking techniques.

Buy a Lock that uses an Uncommon Key

One approach to bump-proof your lock is to buy a lock that uses an abnormally shaped key. Burglars that use the bump technique to enter homes usually convey a set of bump keys that fit into traditional locks.

Using an abnormal-shaped lock and key will help prevent your home from being burglarized by a lock-bumping attack.

Kwikset Bump Guard Protection

Kwikset locks also feature Bump Guard technology that uses a side-locking bar rather than the traditional pin and tumbler system. It will also protect against lock picking.

These locks can’t open with the use of bump keys. Disc tumbler locks don’t use pins and are entirely bump-proof.

Locks that use a numerical keypad will be bump-proof. When there’s no tumbler or usage of keys, a criminal can’t use a bump key.

You may need to stress over an electronic lock being hacked, but that’s another story.


Read 3 Benefits of High-Security Locks Below

deadbolt lock installations

High-security locks provide a security solution for many property owners, including residential and commercial properties. Compared with ordinary locks, high-security locks offer significant benefits that allow homeowners to improve security in their property and reduce the overall cost over time.

Below are three benefits you will enjoy when you buy a high-security lock for your residence or business property.

Pick proof Locks can Deter Burglar Attacks


Top-quality high-security locks bring features that make them challenging to bypass. The manufacturers make these locks through a biaxial key-cutting design with two levels. The design makes unique cuts inside the locks difficult for criminals and other unapproved people to manipulate.

Also, these high-security locks prevent burglars from drilling techniques since these locks come upgraded with drill-resistant casing. This design makes it difficult for these locks to be removed from the doors after installation. Thus, you will limit burglaries and eliminate the significant expense of replacing broken locks once you mount high-security locks.

Simple to Customize in Case of Theft

No matter if you lose keys, you can reset re-keyable high-security locks. It means that someone who stole keys can’t open these locks. In addition, you can upgrade the other keys for improved security to enjoy the same secured access.

You can reset all the keys with high-security locks so you don’t compromise the general security system. In addition, when using high-security locks, you can customize the system to your needs.

For example, if you secure different areas of your property, you can customize high-security locks to meet your particular needs in each room.

Therefore, high-security door locks are complicated for unauthorized people to manipulate, even while using a key to open all doors like a bump key.


High-Security Locks Provide Cost-effective Security

Locksmith Brickell Miami slogan-Con Caraballo no hay Fallo

Because of the improved features of high-security locks, burglars will have a tough time using bypassing lock-picking and bumping techniques. If these high-security locks get damaged, an expert locksmith near you will easily upgrade them without purchasing new ones. It allows property owners to keep costs down related to buying and new lock installations.

High-security locks can quickly improve your home security with their customization application. Furthermore, high-security locks require low maintenance to save cash in the long term.

But be careful while picking your high-security locks to get the most suitable security for your property and budget. A professional locksmith will assist you with choosing the correct high-security locks for your home or office.

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