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Our Locksmith Website Got Hacked!

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One of the most horrific events for a locksmith Miami Company that’s been around for a long time on search engines is to get hacked! As a prominent front store locksmith business, we invest heavily in our online presence.

When you get attacked by a hacker on your website, you can lose all your hard earned rankings and even worst if you don’t have a backup you might end up without a site!

Rankings For Our Locksmith’s Keywords Dropped Off

Google search engine

When our team noticed the Malware attack, we had a bunch of files infected, we won’t get into the specifics of the attack. What we want to pinpoint is how detrimental to any business this can be. Your rankings start to tank and you might even be blacklisted! Well, our rankings dropped but we moved in fast for the solution needed to fix the problem and protect you from any collateral damage.

As most small businesses or any business for that matter online presence is crucial to providing new clients. When you are in an emergency locksmith or car lockout situation, you look up a company on your smartphone and call.

Granted a lot of our long-time clients have our phone number in their wallets and purses already. But for our new potential clients that need a quality lock service, we need to be in front of their phones and computers for hundreds of searches.

Why our website got hacked?

Cyber security on lock

I know many website owners that have been hacked ask the same question. In my opinion, it could be anyone. Let me tell you how it goes. Let’s first answer why do websites get hacked? Why a hacker target us?

A good locksmith company or any reputable company for that matter works hard on content, speed, good reviews.

This gives searchers, Google, and other search engines what they want to rank the sites for related search phrases. As businesses, we need this to be in front of potential clients when in need of our services online. We call this work SEO services, this brings a lot of potential customers to your website.

Why they do it? Well, the money of course.



What the hackers want to do is steal your hard earn traffic and redirect the people to a site for something else like a clothing store online or anything they want to sell. By hacking you and others, the cyber thief gets more sales which means more money. They get this without putting in the effort and all the work, money and hours legitimate companies put in.

A hacker looks for any vulnerability that your site might have such as a plugin you installed to make your website cooler or any software on your website that has an opening for hackers to infect it. Worse than stealing traffic cybercriminals also take personal financial information from innocent people by installing code with malicious malware that infects searchers computer. Yes, this is terrible, but in the end, we will show you there are ways to combat these attacks.

Can it be a locksmith competitor?


Sure, but they would have to be experts in hacking or pay someone to do it. Most of the time these criminals choose you randomly by using software that finds a vulnerability in prominent websites. Then they infect hundreds of sites with the same holes as yours. So while it may be a competitor, more likely the attack is due to you being a prominent website. It’s impossible to stop all the hacks but we can guide you to better protect yourself.

How to solve the problem before it gets worse.

You can protect yourself by having a good webmaster that checks for any attacks. This helps you by making sure you can stop the bleeding before it you get entirely blacklisted. Not only that the team you work with will start to work on taking out the attack.

We also recommend a back up to your website. This will help if pages get destroyed during the problem. Besides this, Google has a team that supports and helps compromise websites.

You can recover from an attack better than you think!


Usually, after you fix the issues and clean your website, you can get even better rankings. So don’t get down and take fast action! We did, and our rankings for keywords are improving daily back to their deserve spots.

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