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Old Home Security Issues Homeowners Need to Know

old home security issues

Most homeowners that have a modern home don’t worry much about home security issues like owners of old houses.

Older homes have a classic house appeal and tasteful flair that makes many people want them more. But many significant door lock security issues occur more often in old homes too. It means Opa Locka locksmith services and maintenance fees to protect your home door and locks from burglars and criminals.

Check out these top older home security issues the residential North Miami Beach locksmith specialists can sometimes encounter.


Seeing Security Issues in Older Homes


Burglars always look for the most straightforward approach to get into your home. Therefore, make a list with possible places of entry points like old-warped doors or windows with latches. You can install a peephole in your front door to start upgrading your security.

Contact an expert locksmith near you to help inspect your home security or any lock-related security flaws. Every lock, doors, windows, safes, carports, and other safety measurements need to be examined for security weaknesses. Outside lights can enhance your exterior lighting – consider using motion detection lights to reduce energy consumption.

Home Security Issues in Older Homes

vintage door lock

  1. Old homes regularly have wooden frame windows that lose structure as they get moist, wet, and dried – making windows an easy target for burglars.
  2. Frequently the door locks on older homes are worn out or not maintained correctly. It won’t protect you from intruders.
  3. An expert locksmith specialist can recommend you the best high-security lock device to install on your old home with the right security it needs.
  4. Ensure to upgrade an old carport by replacing its controllers, changing the codes, and even replacing the entire garage if it also looks old.


Old Homes Usually have Old Locks

While most old homes have modern locks, some older homes still have their antique door lock on their homes. An old Victorian house that has been loved and preserved by its previous owners in all likelihood brings many antique locks on the doors and gates. While these locks may look nice and complete the look of the house, they are not right for security.

Think about the impacts of wear throughout the many years and the damaging effects of rain, snow, and debris on these locks. Add the significantly obsolete condition and features of these locks that won’t keep the high-level lock picking tools used by today’s smart criminals. I don’t think buyers will want to buy a home that won’t protect them.


Vintage Locksmith Audit

antique lock-locksmith

Locksmith services have been in the business for a long time, they have helped many clients that need assistance with their antique home door locks. Antique experienced vintage locksmiths know how to evaluate any vintage lock. They can uncover every one of the dangers and weaknesses it brings.

Surely, old, rusted, or low-quality locks are hazardous in any home. Moreover, obsolete electrical systems and terrible pipes, no burglar or fire alarms installed, broken wiring – it’s a problem moving into an old home. Yet, as a current homeowner, you can hire a locksmith to help you audit security issues. Moreover, call local services that can help prevent damages.

All locksmiths will recommend replacing all your current old locks with commercial grade 2 or 1 deadbolt locks for more significant serenity. These locks are hard to pick and stronger and more reliable. They go well with wooden or metalcore doors that burglars cannot kick open.

You can control electric or smart locks with the assistance of access keypads, cards, computerized fingerprints, or smartphones. However, they probably take away from your antique home look so is something to consider.


Old Garage Door Locks


Typically, antique homes bring old carport doors and door remotes that have not been fixed or checked for a long time. These will put your home in danger of burglary, particularly if the house connects to the carport through an extra door that doesn’t have a durable lock on it.

The garage door you buy needs to be made from durable materials and fitted with a commercial-grade garage door lock with key cylinders and T handles.

Thin Window Clutches


Corrosion and thin ordinarily characterize old window hinges. Also, the elements have debilitated the windows throughout the year. Maybe you were lucky, and the previous owners took care of the home. But these windows still look and function the same.

Inspect all windows, sliding doors and pick metal and wood along security grills made of metal for added security. The best locksmith tips I can provide you is to replace all window latches with sturdy locks.


Residential Locksmith Services can Replace your Locks

quality locksmith
The image reflects the security provided by Caraballo Liberty Locksmith

Burglars aren’t smart but they’ll know if you installed a cheap lock. An expert locksmith can install a durable high-security deadbolt lock that will prevent a front door break-in. For home security issues please contact a reliable Miami Locksmith today!

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