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Office Lockout Solutions for Business Owners in Trouble

office lockout solutions

There are a variety of reasons why you might experience an office lockout. For example, you could have lost or forgotten your keys or a malfunction with the lock system that needs a locksmith to fix. 

No matter the cause, you will need to get back inside to continue running your business. In this blog post, our locksmith near me experts will go over 4 different solutions for how to get back into your office when you’re locked out!


  1. Alternate Ingress to your Office 

commercial locksmith services

If you experience an office lockout, it usually happens at the main point of ingress or employee entrance. Look for other options instead of focusing on the door that serves as your primary entrance.  This will help you find a different way into your office without having to break or bust down the door.

In most cases, alternate ingress is possible through windows and skylights, but it could also be from other entrances such as garages or loading bays if they are nearby. Make sure that these options can serve as viable exits.


  1. Call Other Employees still Working Inside the Office


Call other employees or colleagues and let them know you experience an office lockout when other people are still inside the building. But, often, you may be the only one working that day or at the location. Thus, you probably have to call an employee who has a spare key. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

If your employees have left for the day, ask them to meet at a place near your workplace so they can give you their keys or help you get inside using another method. This is also helpful because it allows everyone to go home together after work has finished.


  1. Building Management


During the office lockout situation, consider contacting a building manager if you have one who has access to a copy key.  If you are lucky enough to have a building manager, they may use the same method as an employee with spare keys or even access your office through another method.

Enlisting help from security guards is another way of getting unlocked if any are present in your area. However, if you can’t find one during business hours, you have one last option, calling a commercial locksmith.


  1. Commercial Locksmith perfect solution to Office Lockout Situations


If none of the solutions were viable or possible, there’s only one expert you could contact to make sure you will solve your office lockout. A commercial locksmith has the proper training to open the high-security door locks used in business applications and provide you with a spare.  

This usually comes at a cost, but oftentimes, locksmiths can provide you with spare keys for all of your doors. So, that the next time you are locked out, it will be much easier to access.

A commercial locksmith is your only option if your office has a broken door lock. If the door has a broken lock, the locksmith will need to open the door to be replaced. 

Think about doing the broken lock service simultaneously so you don’t compromise your business security. Ensure you find the best business locksmith in Florida so you can re-enter your business with peace of mind.


Pros of Commercial Locksmith Services

commercial locksmith services rekeying



  • Besides replacing a broken lock, a locksmith can also make spare keys even without the original key.


  • A commercial locksmith can repair storefront locks, master key systems, file cabinets, and desk locks. 


  • These experts can also repair and install keyless entry systems, access control panels, HID card readers, and magnetic locks.


If you are locked out of your office, various solutions can be made available to you. However, if those don’t come true, think about having our number in your smartphone contacts.

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