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Miami Locksmith Lockout Tips That Will Help You Get Back In Your Home

miami locksmith lockout tips that will help you get back in your home

Locksmiths in Miami specialists know getting locked out of your house is one of the most annoying or worst things that can happen to a homeowner. It is baffling and appears to occur at inconvenient times, for example, getting something out of the car while cooking and the door closes, leaving you outside terrified at the notion the house will burn down.

As you stand before your locked entryway, you need to start thinking of a plan to get inside. The first thing that comes to mind is breaking the door or window to get back inside, and the quick answer is no unless you’re the one who left the stove on. Luckily, you have other options if there are no emergencies! Check out these Miami Locksmith expert tips that you can use to get back inside.

Call a Friend

If you read our locksmith blog, you know our tips always include giving a copy key to a trusted friend or neighbor for an emergency just like this one. However, if you rent a home or townhouse, call the landlord and request that they let you back inside.

While you may not like the idea of giving an extra key to relatives, friends, and, neighbors, sometimes it proves to be useful in circumstances like getting locked out.

Attempt To Get Inside Through An Open Window or Back Door

attempt to get inside through an open window or back door

The truth, I’ve tried kicking a door down once at 2 AM when I lost my keys coming from a party but didn’t go well. Instead, check your home for any open windows or entryways that you can access.

If you do locate an open window, be careful as you move through it, so you don’t hit your head or fall or worst break a window and cut yourself. While you should never leave windows or doors opened, they are useful for lockout situations.

Visit The Neighbors

If you are friends with your neighbors or at least talk on a “friendly” basis, ask them for some help! Often, a bolted entryway can be opened utilizing a shoestring, a coat holder, or even a screwdriver. So, a neighbor could have these devices in their home, and they could let you borrow them or assist you.

People usually have their phone on them during a day lockout so they can summon us if all other solutions fail. However, during a night mishap, you should worry about your safety first and call from the cover of a neighbor’s home to protect yourself from night prowlers.

Use a Plastic Card

use a plastic card

If you have a MasterCard or I.D. card, try wedging the card between the entryway and the frame while you press and jiggle the handle with great force. You can also, use the plastic card to hit the lock mechanism and afterward press it with the card to open it.

Remember the credit card technique only works on entryways that have a knob lock with a spring latch. If you have a deadbolt then your out of luck, sorry.

Remove the Door Knob

remove the door knob

Once more, with a little assistance from a neighbor or companion, several convenient tools can help get you back inside your home. All you need is a hammer, screwdriver or blade, nail, and, paperclip to remove the door knob. Remove the screws from the handle and the hinge screws utilizing a paperclip or screwdriver.

Unfortunately, the same issue with the credit card happens here. If you have a deadbolt on the door, you won’t be able to gain entry by removing the doorknob since deadbolts don’t have a spring mechanism nor a doorknob. Remember, you could always smash the door knob but you can’t use it again!

Call a Locksmith

call a locksmith

A fast online search of Miami Locksmith can give you a list of respectable locksmiths in the Miami area. Locksmiths offer 24-hour services for night and day lockouts and will open the entryway for you in under an hour. Usually, it takes less time to unlock a door but to be on the safe side give them adequate time.

Install a Smart Lock

Do you want to avoid this issue altogether, then install a smart lock to guarantee you never get bolted out of your home again? You could connect your smart lock to your smart devices, for example, a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and you can access your home utilizing those devices.

Now, if you don’t like the idea of being connected, then get a keyless lock that uses a keypad but keeps the password safe and easy to memorize.

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