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Lost Car Key without Spare, We have Locksmith Solutions for you!

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A lost car key can be infuriating, annoying, and even scary when you’re parked in a dark place and don’t have a spare. But we have some car key replacement tips that can help before and after this incident occurs.

I often know the first thing we think is to call a tow truck first, yet it’s one expensive endeavor. The tow truck service range from $30 to $130 for a 5 to 7-mile service. And after, you still need to pay to get inside your vehicle. 

I’m not knocking their service, but locksmiths near me can save you that tow bill and making you a spare key on the spot. Today, these experts are mobile 24 locksmiths near me that reach customers usually under 30 minutes.

Therefore, before any business takes place, let’s consider if my expert tips can help you.


1. Search the Lost Key Location 


The act of staying composed enables you to assess your surroundings. Before you start the search for lost keys, ensure that you lost the keys. I will not generalize, but people tend to say they lost the keys without looking for them adequately. 

Set aside the time to look through the lost key location again until you are sure that your keys are lost. Often, we place the home or car keys in places and failed to remember where they were. 

The circumstances like this assist with looking in areas that look unlikely, like the bar area you just came from, or even asking if the bartender kept it for safekeeping. It may sound crazy, yet it can save you time and cash. Other places if your home is under the sofa or asks if one of your children plays with them.

2. Check Your Vehicle 

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Whenever you have determined that your vehicle keys are not in the nearby surrounding factors, you move to the next culprit. Consider checking your vehicle. There are a few reasons for vehicle lockouts, and one of the main reasons is distraction or forgetfulness.

Some people fail to remember their keys habitually. For that reason is a specific event to find vehicle keys inside locked cars. 

When you lock the keys inside the vehicle, you won’t need to stress not having a spare key. Now, you should call an auto locksmith service who will help you get back to your vehicle to recover your keys. 

3. Vehicle Information and VIN


For a locksmith or even a business to help you when you have lost your vehicle keys and have no spare, they will require you to give them vital vehicle information. The information that you provide will assist them with getting you the correct key that would start your vehicle. 

¿You should provide the locksmith or the dealer your vehicle info. Knowing if you have a transponder key, smart or traditional key, is essential for the whole process. Since many vehicle models exist, this process will narrow the focus to your particular vehicle so you can get the correct key immediately. 

You should give your VIN, just as the make, model, and year of your vehicle. You can find the information on the insurance cards or the vehicle registration document. If you cannot access your vehicle and cannot obtain these documents, an expert locksmith can help determine the proper replacement car keys. 

4. Get A Car Key 


If you have a classic or old vehicle, contacting a locksmith will be your smartest choice. It permits you to sidestep the dealer’s costly expenses. A locksmith can copy or make a replacement key with or without the key, and you won’t need to stress over programming the key like modern vehicles. 


You can try a hardware store, but you will probably have to bring a functioning key to copy for lockout and lost key situations that won’t work. Most modern vehicle models have complicated keys that a few locksmiths don’t know how to handle. Thus, depending on how unique your vehicle key system is, consider contacting a reliable specialist. 

 5. Make your Spare for Lost Car Key Situation

lost car key solution

Whenever you have contacted your car key replacement service, you can relax and breathe without any problem. Nonetheless, you should have more than one spare key made. As you can see, for many situations, a spare key has high value. 

It can prove helpful in many lockout circumstances, like a lost car key situation. So ensure you have one, and you are ready for any annoying lockout situations.

It may appear expensive to get spare keys, particularly if you need to pay more to program them to your vehicle. But over time, it pays off.

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