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Lost Car Key Replacement Service Offers The Best Lockout Solutions

lost car key replacement service

Lost car key replacement service offers the best solution for auto lockout situations since there is never a good time to lose your keys and, worst, at night without anyone around. Well, if you have a spare key attached under your car or left a copy key with a friend or family like, we suggested many times, you are saved.

However, in some car lockout situations, car drivers don’t follow our locksmith West Flagler Miami tips and have no solutions. Additionally, in late-night lockout situations, you have criminals and scam artists to be aware of when you are tired from work or a party.

Let’s go through some locksmith tips that can help you overcome a lost car key situation:

Lost Spare Car Key Replacement Services to the Rescue

car locksmith helps happy customer with spare key

Most individuals have an extra car key, either remote or manual. You should always try to find it first. If you have a spare key, you may avoid calling a lost spare car key replacement service and instead have a new one made.

To keep your automobile secure if you lose your car keys, consider calling an auto locksmith to deprogram any missing keys.

Call a Car Locksmith for Lost Car Key Situations

A vehicle Locksmith is your best option if you need the issue resolved quickly. A locksmith specializing in automotive keys and locks can do the job efficiently. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths have the necessary training to work on automobiles; you must call a professional and local car locksmith. Auto Locksmiths can replace your lost or stolen keys.

Since auto locksmiths work out of their van, they may make new keys on-site for you. When you call the auto Locksmith, be prepared with the following details to help fix the matters quickly:

Model and make of your car
The license plate number
Vehicle’s license plate number (VIN)
Picture ID to prove you are the vehicle’s owner
Location of the call

Hiring an auto locksmith service is less expensive compared to getting a new key from a car dealership.

3. Call your Car Insurance

Often, you can use your comprehensive auto insurance coverage to reimburse you for replacing a lost or stolen car key. Call the car insurance agency to see if your policy automatically covers the cost of replacing a car key.

In stolen key situations, you must have the engine control unit and alarms reprogrammed, which a comprehensive insurance policy can cover.

However, if filing a claim for new key increases your premium, consider paying cash upfront, as it might save you money. If you don’t have cash, use it as an emergency option.

4. Get in touch with your Local Car Dealer

This is the longest and most expensive method of receiving a replacement car key. Usually, most dealerships don’t possess the specialized tools that auto locksmiths have at their disposal.

The car dealership will likely need to order a blank key fob, which will take time, and contract specialized programming equipment, adding to the wait.

A dealership may hire an auto Locksmith to accomplish the task meaning higher car key replacement cost. Therefore, contact an auto Locksmith directly to avoid the middleman.


So, if your car keys are lost or stolen, hiring an auto locksmith will be the quickest, cheapest, and best way. They should reset your automobile and replace a car key in a single visit. This allows you to move on with your day quickly without too much stress.

Consider hiring a local auto locksmith if you need a lost car key replacement service.

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  1. I find it fascinating that a locksmith can give you access to your vehicle after a lockout. My friend wants to try owning a van and traveling to different camping spots around the country. I think he should consider looking into hiring an automobile locksmith if he loses his car keys.

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