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The history of locksmithing dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese civilizations. It usually was inherited from a father or family member; sometimes the art was developed by trying to solve an issue of the craft. It consists of working with locks, safes, doors, and keys. It consists of guarding a property against intrusion, theft & safekeeping of valuable information or objects. More advanced techniques came with the industrial revolution in the 1800´s with the development of precision engineering and component standardization, locks and keys were manufactured with increasing complexity and sophistication.

Locksmithing has a huge impact on the security of homes, automobiles, commercial businesses & protection of prized possessions. Locksmiths specialize in one or many skills that range from, an automotive lock specialist, a master key system specialist, safe technician and the making of locks and keys and repairing them. Many also act as security consultants, but not all security consultants have the skills and knowledge of a locksmith.

Locksmith uses an array of different tools depending on the job requires an auto locksmith can use a slim Jim to open a locked door, and a residential locksmith can use a key decoder. All in all the locksmith has become an essential part of our daily living.

Famous locksmithing

There´s been a lot of locksmiths that contribute to the security of property protection.
The first doubled – acting tumbler lock was patented in 1778 by Robert Barron, it was the first real improvement in lock security
The first key changeable combination lock became popular with safe manufacturers in 1857.
The U.S treasury had a great use for them as well; James Sargent patented this device.
This and many other locksmith inventions have generated an improvement in our lives. So every time you see your local locksmith just remember that they have a rich history that has improved and made easier our way of living.

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