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Securing the Holiday Season with our Locksmith Tips

locksmith tips for the holiday season

The holiday season is a time for joy, but our Locksmith Miami experts think burglars use this time to get rich too. While many people are spending their energy with friends and family or enjoying themselves, burglars are plotting their next attempt to take your valuables, including Christmas presents.

The holidays are times when people need to be cautious about home security. It’s because your home will have costly gifts or money lying around. And it’s a time when we travel a lot, either out of town or doing errands, without guarding those assets.

Our expert locksmith near Miami, FL, will show you some security tips to keep your home safe this holiday season.

Check your Door Locks

check your door locks this holiday

Many crimes (burglaries) that happen, particularly during the holiday season, don’t start with a plan. You’ve likely heard the news about thieves who took gifts from the living room via an opened door. Most intruders will walk down a road and try the entryways of homes that look vacant and simple. If you forget to lock the entryway or have a lousy lock installation, you have a serious security issue.

A home security system will not prevent a criminal from taking your valuables. Before you head out on your errand or trip, have an expert locksmith evaluate your locks and fix or replace any that need service. The last piece of advice is to always lock your door or switch to a smart lock so it locks the door even if you forget.

Re-Key Exterior Locks

When you leave town on a trip, it’s okay to ask a neighbor or friend to get your mail and monitor the house, but they’ll need a key to do this. After many years of doing this, it becomes difficult to track who has a key to your home. And if you don’t have a clue who has keys to your home, then a burglary seems like something that can happen! You can trust your friends and family, but what if they lose the key?

So, rekeying the exterior doors works best when you’re unsure who kept your house keys. Besides, this also works for individuals who recently moved into a home. Re-keying your house is a quick and straightforward approach to ensuring any lost or stolen keys won’t work at your home again. And it assists with securing your home.

Post Nothing Concerning Travel-related on Social Media Platforms

post nothing travel related to social media platform

One critical thing people do is blab about their vacation plans on many social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. So make sure you don’t publicly post your holiday plans on social media. Even if you have a top security system set up, promoting that information increases the likelihood of theft or burglary. Ensure you keep your travel plans offline, regardless of how excited you get.

If your home will be vacant, it is ideal to tell a neighbor or a friend to get your mail while you’re gone. When you allow mail to pile up, it will look like nobody is home, and criminals will pounce on this chance. The holidays are perfect for making acquaintances, particularly with your neighbors. Your neighbor will help hinder any burglary attempt on your property if you ask for their assistance.

Don’t Hide Your Security

Many criminals will check your home for a security system before trying to break in. While you don’t require the large sign in your front yard, you likewise don’t have to hide all the cameras and sensors.

Criminals will be watchful for those signs. So, the visible appearance of a security system should discourage potential burglars. Installing a couple of motion sensors on your exterior lights also works as an extra nighttime deterrent.

Pretend You’re Home

pretend you're home during the holidays to prevent a burglary

Smart innovation can help fake out burglars. Nowadays, stand-alone time light switches don’t convince criminals of your home. When you’re worried about home break-ins, particularly if you don’t have a security system, embrace smart light innovation to light your home and make it look occupied.

This can include smart devices like Wi-Fi-connected light controls, a remote-controlled TV, and stereo settings. Having the option to change the channel on the TV or turn on music frequently signals that you’re home, regardless if you aren’t.

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