Locksmith Recommendations To Prevent a Home Invasion

residential locksmith recommendations to prevent a home invasion

Residential locksmith in Miami experts recommends people to be well-informed of home-invasion since this crime is not like a burglary. Most people confuse burglary with a home invasion, since they happen in similar ways. However, home invasions have malice that a normal home break-in doesn’t have.

In legal terms, a home invasion is an illegal entry to an occupied, private residence with the intent to commit a crime against the tenants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder, or kidnapping. Yes, it’s a more evil crime so how do we stop your home from being invaded? 

A straightforward approach to prevent a home invasion is to make your home impenetrable to unapproved criminals who may target your home. Sadly, most property owners don’t exploit these tips until after the fact.

Our Miami Locksmith experts will give homeowners info and tips that can help prevent a home invasion from ever happening, besides helping you react appropriately should one occur.

Home security audit

home security audit

To make your home a fortress, homeowners need to evaluate all of their home space and give themselves an honest review of any vulnerabilities that they may have in their homes. Pay close attention to any viable entry points that may give someone access to your home. Therefore, this is the place where a home security audit proves to be useful.

Homeowners will need to pay attention to the vulnerabilities of their windows and doors. Plus, other flaws that may go unnoticed. For example, property holders won’t or want to burglar-proof their windows with sturdy locks unless a locksmith tells them that criminals enter via a window 23% of the time. This happens mostly when they can’t enter through a door. Reinforcing these weak spots is a key part of improving your home to fight off home invasions.

Homeowners should try reinforcing their home as though they are trying to fight zombies. They should also concentrate on the physical security dangers that they are likely to confront. For example, a gun, knife, or the metal crowbar the criminal used to get inside.

Use more security deterrents installed by Residential Locksmith in Miami

Another tip that will assist you with preventing a home invasion is to use more security deterrents that permit you to battle any danger that gets tossed your direction. Security deterrents help keep unapproved people away from your property. The first point listed above (window locks) will give you a smart idea of the security deterrents you can use to secure your home.

Using many security deterrents follows the logic that the best security is the one that exists in layers. A layered security system makes will make it more difficult for intruders to exploit you and put you in a dangerous position.

Types of security deterrents

types of security deterrents

Usually, your security deterrents should get applied in a manner that reduces any flaws in the security of your home. Or ones that can be compromised by home invaders and used against you. Some common security deterrents include surveillance cameras, monitored alarm systems, and burglar proofing solutions like high-security locks, perimeter security, and upgrading window latches to locks.

When picking the right security deterrents, homeowners need to know the nature of the deterrent that they are using. We classify some security deterrents as active or passive. For instance, surveillance cameras are passive, which doesn’t make them appropriate for protection. Although, surveillance cameras do make intruders think twice about attacking your home.

Make Your Home Less of a Target

Often intruders predetermine some home invasions, so criminals targeted your house beforehand. Until the crime happens, it is typically hazy what the motive behind the home attack was by the home invaders. The difficulty for homeowners is pinpointing when the attack will take place to prevent it from being successful.

Is your house being targeted or a random event? And if so, what factors are taking place that makes your home a target compared to other homes. These sorts of questions leave property owners at a loss on the unknowns while trying to figure out how to prevent an attack. However, let’s not jump ship yet since there are many things you can do to stop a home invasion before it happens.

How to make your homes less inviting to criminals?

how to make your homes less inviting to criminals

The key to home security is to make your house uninviting to home invaders. This tip works the same as for normal neighborhood thieves. To make your home unappealing, there are many approaches to take. Everything comes down to making your home appear as though as a moving and challenging target. Or making it look as though there is no monetary value.

Homeowners can concentrate on improving their perimeter security to reduce the chances of their homes being targeted and compromised by home invaders. By implementing perimeter security, for example, fences, walls, security cameras, and K-9 dogs you reduce the possibilities of an attack.


It is essential to know that home invasion situations can unfold in different ways. Which means that there is no particular solution that works across the board. 

However, like I said earlier, by layering your security you’re telling criminals it will be a long day with all these deterrents to overcome, instead go somewhere else. If you need a residential locksmith in Miami for any home lock, surveillance cameras, and key services please contact us today.

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